On Balance – The F*ck It Diet

On Balance – The F*ck It Diet

With eating, everyone is always talking about balance.

Just be balanced. Just make sure you’re being balanced. Blah Blah Blah.

And sure, balance is what the body seeks, because balance is healing. The body is always seeking balance, whether you are aware of it or not.

But here is why telling you to “just be balanced with your eating” is flawed…

After months, years, or decades of restriction, and metabolic suppression, expecting immediate “balance” isn’t balance at all. Do you know what I mean?

After years of over-work and burnout, balance is months, or years, of extreme rest.

After 3 weeks of being back home with your family and extended family, never getting a moment to yourself, balance may be a few days of solitude and turning down social invitations.

And after years of dieting? Balance is taking some good solid months to eat a lot, rest a lot, and repair the metabolism. It takes time to allow the subconscious mind to trust that there is food and will always be plenty of food. That is balance.

Maybe months or years down the line, depending on your own particular journey and needs and timeline, balance will begin to look different. Balance will begin to look more like stereotypical balance and “moderation”.

But, the idea that forced ‘balance’ is balance is bullshit, if you get what I mean. No more.

expecting immediate -balance- isn't balance at all.

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