Art of the Diet Begins Again as "Voices from My Bunker"

Art of the Diet Begins Again as “Voices from My Bunker”

Art of the Diet Podcast Begins Again as Voices from My Bunker. Here’s why.

As the front page of this website says in large letters, “Begin, Again”. That is the mantra of success in my weight management for 11 years, that is for sure. I simply keep starting over, beginning again, bearing in mind, that this challenge of maintaining a significant weight loss is NEVER ever over. And, as I now know, even in a pandemic, it continues.

But, this pandemic has also taught me other things. My focus on weight management goes on, of course, but there are other subjects that preoccupy me and I suspect you as well. What has just happened to us in the first half of 2020? No, really. How did we get through it? How are we bracing ourselves for the second half? These are the questions I am asking people of all ages in my new podcast, “Voices from My Bunker”.

Listen to this short explanation of my evolving podcast, part of my “begin, again” process in 2020. Tomorrow, July 1, I’ll upload my first episode of the new interview based podcast and it will be a great bridge between the old and the new as my guest is Melissa and she was interviewed years ago for Art of the Diet and her successful management of her weight loss but THIS interview is largely about the impact of COVID19 on her life in general but of course we devote some time to managing weight in a pandemic as well!!

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