Voices from My Bunker. Meet Carol. Ep. 2. 70+ years old, Lives Alone, Receiving Chemo Treatments for 3 years AND has to deal with the quarantine of COVID19.

I was asked this past week why I am so conservative in this whole “reopening” phase 3 in Massachusetts. I have tried to do a COVID19 safe picnic on my porch but was hopeless in keeping the proper distancing as a hostess so I don’t think there will be many of those in my future.

At any rate, I answered the question by saying that when you are 75 years old, live alone, and the best scenario is if you contract COVID19 that you can remain in your home rather than be hospitalized… it poses the immediate question to the solo sick person, “Who is going to take care of me at home?”

Um..that would be me. The stories of how ill folks can be, while at home, and the lingering nature of some aspects of this illness are enough to scare me to the point that taking risks of contracting it sounds like a really, really bad idea. I suspect the person who asked me this question will no longer be questioning why I don’t feel comfortable going to Walmart.

Anyway, I chose to interview my neighbor, Carol, in late June. She has medical challenges in addition to this pandemic. She lives a stone’s throw away but I called her and recorded our interview. She is 70+, lives alone herself, but has been in constant chemo treatment for three years in addition to having to deal with the COVID19 quarantine.

I think any listener will revaluate their own situation after hearing Carol. When I asked her what she was hoping for in the next few months? She said, “I asked my Doctor to please keep me alive until Trump loses the election.”

Amen, sistah.

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