The Fuck It Diet is Temporary

The Fuck It Diet is Temporary

Wait. Before you get nervous! You will still eat what you want for the rest of your life!

But I’ve recently realized that the purpose of The Fuck It Diet is to be a healing incubator.

It may be rebellious, it may be encouraging you to break the rules and fuck the system, but the purpose of all that is to support you in a healing incubator so you can become truly easy and trusting with food.

The application of the Fuck It Diet, and every scary thing you experience in it, is a temporary healing phase that lasts 1-2 years (it may happen faster than that). But if you let it really do its thing, the result is easy, free, intuitive eating.

I think The Fuck It Diet (or anything that truly takes the judgement off of food and weight) is the only way to get to true, intuitive eating. Instead of leaving you stuck in bastardized pseudo-diet intuitive eating.

The Fuck It Diet is the medicine, and easy eating is the result.

This is what happens in the healing incubator that is the Fuck It Diet:

This is a space to completely eliminate physical restriction. You must eat a lot in order to heal your body and fix your metabolism (which in turn helps stabilize your appetite.)

This is the place to learn that if you are bingeing, it is cause by restriction. End of story.

This is the place to become really, really aware of mental restriction.

This is a space to neutralize food, and learn that judging food just perpetuates mental restriction.

This is a place to learn that any stress or guilt over food is mental restriction, and needs to be let go.

This is time to learn body positivity.

This is the place to learn how much our collective weight bias is affecting our happiness and our eating.

This is the place to undo all of our limiting beliefs about weight, health, and worth by reading and doing research on Health at Every Size.

This is the place to learn that our standards of beauty are absurd and anti-feminist.

This is the place to understand that our fears about weight and beauty are actually the cause of our fears about food, and ignoring your relationship to weight will leave you stuck.

This is the very start of understanding that any misery and anxiety comes from assuming you are doing life wrong. The Fuck It Diet is just the beginning of showing you that all those “shoulds” ??? They are fucking with your happiness.

And therefore, this is the beginning of existential rest. (#REST #TWOYEARSOFREST)

This is the beginning of a way more awesome and powerful life.

During the The Fuck It Diet healing incubator, you’re gonna experience all of the stress and fear and old shit that has kept you stuck. The purpose of The Fuck It Diet is to empower you through the scariness, the eating, the weight gain and stabilization, and teach you to trust that you are a wise, magical powerbossbitch.

The other side is a place where your metabolism is fed and normal, you are not afraid of food, you don’t fixate on food anymore, and eating is just… easy.

On the other side of the Fuck It Diet is the Fuck It Life. Once eating is normal, then you get to apply these lessons to everything. Then you get to really let yourself seek joy and happiness and authenticity.

The point of the Fuck It Diet is to make eating a non-issue so you can start to live.

Welcome. This is where you’re meant to be.

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