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Pregnant With Twins? Keep This in Mind

Pregnancy is a life-changing occurrence for a mother, who goes through a lot in these nine months. From getting to know that she is pregnant, to finally holding her baby, she goes through a roller coaster of emotions. And if she is pregnant with twins, everything that she will feel and experience will become more amplified. Though, there are some things that the mother and the family should keep in mind if she has a twin pregnancy.

More Babies, More Folic Acid

A doctor recommends folic acid to pregnant women as the acid helps the growing foetus keep distance from birth defects. Ideally, a mother with a single baby should take 0.4miligrams of folic acid and mothers pregnant with twins should take 1 milligram per day.

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More Babies, More Visits to the Doctor

Of course, with a twin pregnancy, the doctor will advise more care and with more care comes more visits to the gynaecologist and obstetrician. You may have to get more ultrasounds, to map out the growth and health of the babies, as well as, your health and any signs of preterm labour.

Heightened Signs of Twin Pregnancy

One has to be alert and notice sign and symptoms, which may get more severe for women pregnant with twins. Some of them are

  • Morning sickness may get more intense
  • Spotting may increase in the first trimester
  • Mothers may gain double the weight of what they gain while carrying a single foetus
  • Mothers are at an increased risk of having gestational diabetes
  • Chances of hypertension due to pregnancy also increases

Potential Complications Associated With Twin Pregnancy

With two babies, there may be complications during the 40 weeks, as well as the delivery.

Miscarriage: Multiple factors may lead to a miscarriage, the mother’s health being one of the major ones.

Preeclampsia: This is a dangerous pregnancy complication where the bp rises, and there is sudden swelling on the face, arms and legs. Be careful as this happens in the third trimester.

Premature Birth: If the mother shows signs of preterm baby, there are high chances the baby will be born premature and will require hospitalization, up till the babies are fit to go home.

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C-section delivery: Women can opt for vaginal deliveries, when pregnant with twins, after proper examination. Even if the mother opts for it, if the first baby is out and the position of the other baby is not correct, or if there are other complications, the doctor may choose to do an emergency C-section.

Low birth weight of the babies: Serious medical problems may be associated with low birth weight. Premature babies usually have a low birth weight and need more medical attention.

Haemorrhage (uncontrollable bleeding) while giving birth: Postpartum haemorrhage may happen after giving birth if the uterus does not contract. It may cause a lot of blood loss, leading to a drop in the blood pressure. The doctor should see into it immediately as low bp may lead to shock and death of the mother.

Birthing Options for Pregnant With Twins

Usually, with mothers giving birth to only one child, the gestation period extends to over 40 weeks. But, in cases of twin pregnancy, the mother might go into labour in the 37th – 38th week itself. If they are a little premature, there is a chance that the twins stay in the NICU.

It is essential to discuss birthing options with your doctor. They are the best judge of the situation and if a vaginal delivery will be safe or not. Caesarian delivery is also an option if one is pregnant with twins.

A mother pregnant with twins will require more rest, help and all hands on deck to take care of her babies, and herself. The family and especially her husband has to support her emotionally, mentally and physically. Don’t shy away from asking for help and continue to stay in touch with your doctor or healthcare expert.

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