Coteau Community Market will sell locally grown organic food

Annie Mullin, center, and her parents Jan and Mike, inform the public about the Coteau Community Market and encourages others to become members during Watertown Love in 2019.

The Watertown location is in for a healthier address. A member-owned, natural overall health foods co-op is in the functions.

The Coteau Group Current market is a sustainable food stuff method that will give natural and organic, minimal waste meals to the community and strategies on opening this drop.

Annie Mullin moved to Watertown with her chickens to be closer to her moms and dads. Her chickens and their farm-contemporary eggs, plus a childhood of farmer’s marketplaces and gardening, impressed her to take her food plan down a various route.

“I experienced wholly changed how I ate. I grew it or I obtained it from a local farmer, at the area co-op farmers market, or from Organic Grocers,” said Mullin. “It can be essential to know how your food stuff is developed.”

When Mullin identified that this community and the foodstuff co-op ended up lacking from Watertown, she set out to adjust that.