7-Day Sauerkraut Free Protective Diet Recipe

7-Day Sauerkraut Free Protective Diet Recipe

Probiotics are found naturally on the surface of all fruits and veggies. My small batch ruby raw kraut recipe makes them multiply with a natural process called Lacto-fermentation. No special equipment is needed. Protective Diet makes it fun and inexpensive to populate our microbiota with raw, fermented, dairy-free, delicious condiments. Follow along and have fun with what I call protective kitchen crafts. You will improve and tighten up your immune system in just one week with this irresistible live functional food garnish. Preserve and pack this year’s cabbage harvest in manageable quart jars that brighten up your refrigerator door with ruby red UV-protective and oxidative-stress blasting anthocyanin. You’ll be topping everything with a handy serving of cancer-protective, anti-aging sulforaphane. I invite you to become the boss of your body and naturally reverse and prevent auto-immune and inflammatory disease while slimming down to your fittest self with nutritional intervention on a Protective Diet. The gut microbiome balance is crucial for a healthy human body, especially for the immune and endocrine systems. See the scientific data linked below for proven health benefits with guidance to build and maintain a protective resident microbiota population with The Therapeutic Microbiome Population Project. Participants will expand and modulate resident microbial diversity with the collection, consumption, and colonization of nature’s protective microbes. A diverse resident microbiome, including live plant-based functional foods like sauerkraut, will eliminate food sensitivities and protect us from premature aging, disease, cognitive decline, physical suffering, and obesity. Proper nutrition and lifestyle practices can dramatically change our health path and improve our life experience.

Julie Marie

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