Wondering How To Make Your Is Diabetes Curable Rock? Read This!

Wondering How To Make Your Is Diabetes Curable Rock? Read This!

A healthy eating lifestyle is a myth now. Your ancestors were susceptible to good food and good health in their early times.  It has become is diabetes curable? However, with a change in generation,  change in eating habits towards a healthy lifestyle has also popped up.

Your frenzied life revolves only around your 9 to 6 pm office job and late night parties, thus, being oblivious to your proper health leading you to munch on whatsoever snack you get. The carefree attitude towards your lifestyle provides a home to different health diseases, one of them being Diabetes. Now, the question that arises is, is diabetes curable or not?

Most of you are under the notion that diabetes is the cause of excess sugar in the body. However, the fact is that your metabolism has grown weaker due to your bad eating habits and ignorance towards exercises. It is unable to produce the amount of insulin that is required to distribute sugar equally in different body cells thus, giving the way to Diabetes that brings with it many more diseases.

Is diabetes curable – 2 different types of diabetes

is diabetes curable or not
Is diabetes curable or not. Image source: thediabeticjourney
  • Type Diabetes 1 is the cause of weak immunity power that does not allow the body cells to produce insulin thus restricting a proper flow of sugar within the body.
  • Type 2 diabetes is less perilous since it is the cause of improper care of the body. Your body is not undergoing enough workouts and incapacitated to balance the insulin levels rightly.

 Can you cure diabetes?

Whatever said and done, diabetes is an incurable disease; nonetheless, it can be controlled with the following few therapies.

1. Routine Workouts and Healthy Eating
The first and foremost key to control diabetes is to allow your body to undergo a good healthy lifestyle. The more you exercise, the more glucose you burn; the healthier you eat, the stronger will your immune system be, the better will your insulin production. Although you are diabetic, you will not feel like one.


2. Medication Therapy

is diabetes curable
As believed Diabetes gives way to many more diseases, one of them is blood pressure. The rise of blood pressure in body worsens the immunity system of diabetic people. A tried and tested blood pressure medicine, Verapamil is supposed to tone down fasting glucose levels in the body. Also, medications to control sugar can also be taken after consultations with a dietician.


3. Medical Implants

It is again a tried and tested therapy that fosters the prevention of pancreatic body cells essential to make insulin. The right amount of insulin level in the body carries sugar to different body cells rightly where the sugar gets immersed in the form of energy. The diabetes implants would not satisfy the question that is diabetes curable?

Until now, there has not been a foolproof therapy that can cure diabetes fully. The development of new therapeutics in future might prove to be beneficial for you. These are not in our hands but doctors. But is there nothing we can do about to control diabetes?

A mere 30-minute imminent workout daily, be it in anyplace, anytime and a determined focus on a healthy diet can solve numerous problems in a jiffy. Not everything but these certainly lie in our hands. Therefore, the answer to the million dollar question of is diabetes curable or not is NO! However, it can be managed and controlled.

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Why Diabetes is not curable?

Type 1 diabetes is a disorder of pancreas that produce little or no insulin. This leads to increase in blood sugar. Therefore, it causes type 1 diabetes comes under the category of autoimmune disease.

We can say there is no cure for diabetes, though it can be controlled by using many therapies and treatments.

Type 2 diabetes in which beta cells get damaged because of the underlying genetic condition. Eventually, the disease starts destroying in beta cells that leads to uncontrollable high blood sugar in bloodstream.

We hope we have answered your question of – is diabetes curable or not now! So, stop being negligent towards your health! Lead a happy and healthy lifestyle and say bye-bye to unwanted diseases!

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