Why Does my Throat Hurt When I Wake Up?

Why Does my Throat Hurt When I Wake Up?

Waking up in the morning with a hurting throat can be very disappointing. But it is important to look for the reasons for this condition.

So, Why does my throat hurt when I wake up? It might be that you have caught a cold or a minor infection. But it can also be due to an allergy or an underlying condition. So it would help if you didn’t worry about the hurt in your throat, so we are providing you with several reasons for the hurt in the throat when you wake up. We have also mentioned the preventive options for each of the following reasons for hurt in the throat. So could you have a look at them as well?

Why does my throat hurt when I wake up?

There can be many reasons for your throat to hurt when you wake up like-

1. Air pollution –

Several conditions are presently caused by air pollution, not just related to throat infections. For example, smoke and exhaust in the air can also cause throat pain. This can also worsen your asthma or cause allergic reactions to dust, pollen, etc.

How to prevent this-

We know that you have to own an air purifier to help improve the air quality at home. Also, try to keep plants in the home or outside the house. Open the windows and door early in the morning and let the clean, cool air breeze in. Finally, try to keep the dust in the home as far as possible and remove the pollutants that can cause a reaction in your body. For many people, it can be dust or cockroaches, etc.

2. Allergies –

Common allergens are mold, pet dander, dust, pollen, and many others. That can cause many symptoms and a sore throat as well. Other signs of the allergens are sneezing and coughing. Moreover, other allergens like hay fever, which is a season, can also hurt the throat.

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How to prevent this-

It is essential to find out the allergens that have caused the infection before you can look for a treatment option for this condition. However, there are several anti-allergens present in the market that can help in dealing with the conditions. Medications like antihistamines can also help with these allergens and relieve their symptoms.

3. Infections –

Infections can be a reasonable symptom of developing or having hurt in the throat when you wake up. It can be experienced with other symptoms like

  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Inflamed tonsils
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

There can be different reasons for these symptoms, like a bacterial or viral infection.

How to prevent this-

Get an appointment with your doctor and follow the prescription to prevent the severe symptoms of the infection, like a high fever. It is also suitable for you to take precautions like keeping your distance from people with a cold and cough and drinking warm water regularly.

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4. Smoking –

Smoking can trigger pain or soreness in the throat. It can also be present during the day, not just in the morning. Smokin is not just limited to the throat. It can also result in inflammation in the upper respiratory tract problems. 

Other symptoms of the condition can be coughing, breathlessness, acid refluxes, toothaches, bad breath, toothache, congested nasal tract, and snoring. And many of these symptoms intensify while you sleep; hence it can result in hurt in the throat when you wake up.

How to prevent this-

It is best to quit smoking altogether and, if not possible, leave smoking during the evening at the very least, as it can result in immediate throat hurting. Some home remedies like gargling can ease the effects of the conditions.

5. Dehydration –

Not drinking enough water can cause a dry mouth and a hurting throat in the morning or when you wake up. In addition, sweating during the night can cause the body to lose hydration and moisture. Night sweats can also trigger symptoms of the common cold.

How to prevent this –

If dehydration is the cause of the hurt in the throat, then the best solution for this problem is to consume enough liquids in the morning or as soon as you are up; apart from this, focus on drinking as much water in the morning as you can and staying hydrated to keep yourself energetic and focuses on meaningful work.

It will be better to drink only a little water in the evening as it can cause frequent trips to the bathroom while you sleep, but before that, you can include more water in your diet.

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Snoring or sleep apnea can also rest in the throat while waking up. These can be when you have engaged in sleeping with an open mouth. Snoring can be an issue of the vibrations of the tissues in the back in the morning. Snoring can be linked to sleep apnea and sleeping disorders.

Common colds and sinuses can also cause throat pain in humans. These conditions can also affect sleeping patterns and cause a hurting throat.

How to prevent this-

It is easier to deal with this condition by teaching yourself how to breathe through your nose while sleeping. But sleep apnea and snoring can require professional help. Lifestyle changes and yoga can also prevent any severe conditions.

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FAQs –

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Summarizing it-

It will be best to get an appointment with your doctor to check if the causes of the hurting throat are not severe for every individual. But most often, the grounds for a hurting throat are common colds or minor infections, but it will be best to check this with your doctor. In any case, we have given some reasons for the hurt in the throat in this article, and it will be best to review if these apply to your condition.

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