When it's cold outside...it's time for soup!

When it’s cold outside…it’s time for soup!

a bowl of soup

I love a good homemade soup, especially when it’s cold outside. The other day, I wasn’t sure what to make for dinner. We were in need of groceries, but I was inspired by a full head of cauliflower in the fridge.

Homemade soup is often a weekend project in our household, but since I got my pressure cooker, it’s much easier to manage on a weeknight.

This is definitely a recipe that could be recreated in a crock pot or on the stove (pressure cooker not needed).

Spiced Tomato-Cauliflower-Sweet Potato Soup

chopped veggies combined in pot30 mL (2 tbsp) oil of your choice 

(I used olive)

2 small onions, chopped

1 head cauliflower, rinsed and roughly chopped

1 large sweet potato, chopped (peeling optional)

5-10 mL (1-2 tsp) curry powder

5 mL (1 tsp) garlic powder 

(or 1-2 cloves fresh, if you have it)

salt & pepper

1 large can diced tomatoes

1 small can of coconut milk

Optional: top with Parmesan cheese

Heat onion, saute in oil until golden brown. Add cauliflower, sweet potato, and curry powder. Saute for 5-10 minutes to bring out the flavours. 

Add tomatoes, coconut milk, garlic, salt, and pepper. Cook until vegetables are soft (20 minutes in the pressure cooker worked).

Mash or blend soup. I find an immersion blender to be easier than a regular blender. A potato masher can also work if you don’t need it super smooth.

If you find it thicker than you like, consider adding more coconut milk, broth or water.

I love that soup can be such an easy way to use up what you have in the house and flavour with your favourite spices!  

Amy MacDonald, RD

Register Dietitian

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