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What to eat after a colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is one such process performed to look inside the colon or intestines of a person. This procedure is done to find out any blockages, polyps, or anal cancer. The process includes a long stick-like flexible structure with a camera at the top, which helps in viewing the insides of a colon. 

After the process, it can take about one-two weeks for the patient to recover from the surgery. Hence, taking care of the patient’s diet is essential during this period. This blog will cover what to eat after a colonoscopy. And guide you about all the food a patient should consume after a colonoscopy. In addition, Scroll down to check a list of food and beverages one should not drink or eat after a colonoscopy.

What to eat after a colonoscopy

It is best to plan your meals before a colonoscopy. One can also eat well-steamed, baked, and sauteed vegetables. One should avoid fried vegetables or spicy curries after a colonoscopy. It is crucial to ensure that the vegetables are tender, as hard vegetables can be difficult for the body to digest.

Canned or jarred fruits like peaches and pineapples are good soft foods a person can consume after a colonoscopy. It will be best to leave fruits with peels off them. You can also eat raw apples but ensure the fruit has no peels. All other soft fruits, like bananas and pears, can be consumed after a colonoscopy.

Scrambled eggs are soft, a great source of protein, and great for consumption after a colonoscopy. At this stage, one should not consume milk, pepper, or cheese as these items can irritate the digestive tract. In addition, scrambled eggs should not have a lot of salt and pepper as it can interfere with healing.

Both gelatin that is used to make puddings is a recommended food item after a colonoscopy. These items are soft and will not interact with the body’s digestive tract. These items and jellies can also be consumed after a colonoscopy.

Chicken soup and mild soups like tomato and sweet corn are good choices for a patient after a colonoscopy. However, make sure that the soup is not spicy and that the soups should not contain any barley. Also, it would help if you excluded hot soups from your diet.

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Applesauce contains easily digestible fiber. This is a low-fiber sauce and will likely not irritate the digestive tract after a colonoscopy. It also contains sugars that will help in restoring energy levels. In addition, apple sauce contains pectin, which can prevent diarrhea after a colonoscopy.

Whitefish is excellent if you love fish and cannot spend a few days without it. Whitefish is typically soft and is a good choice after a colonoscopy. Whitefish has fewer calories and can satisfy the stomach and taste buds. It is best to avoid fatty fish after a colonoscopy.

Mashed potatoes are very delicate food items, require few ingredients, and are easy to prepare. Mashed potatoes are the best food option after a colonoscopy and should be included in every meal. Mashed potatoes should only contain a little salt and should not include a lot of species and creams, as these ingredients are harmful to the digestive tract.

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Nut butter is easy to digest after a colonoscopy. But patients should avoid the chunky style and opt for a smoother variety of nut butter. This butter can be spread on bread or other meals and consumed quickly after a meal. Nut butter can be sprinkled on steamed vegetables and soups. You can mix them in salad sauces as well.

Herbal teas are supplements that can help digest the food after a meal or help soothe the digestive tract. It is effortless to prepare herbal teas, which can be consumed right after it is made. However, patients who have undergone a colonoscopy should keep the temperature regular rather than boiling.

Water is essential to drink after a colonoscopy as it helps to rehydrate the body and can be suitable for the patients. Some people need more water after a colonoscopy, and some need to drink more water. You should increase the amount of water in the diet after the colonoscopy.

If you do not like the taste of water, you can keep your electrolytes to restore the electrolytes in the body. Many sports drinks contain electrolytes and can be taken by a patient who has undergone a colonoscopy. It will be best to keep the amount moderate.

Vegetable juice or fruit juice are combination drinks people choose to refill on their electrolytes and some added nutrients in their diets. These fruit and vegetable juices contain enough fiber, nutrients, and other components to help digestion and interaction with the digestive tract.

What are the food items that should be avoided after a colonoscopy?

One should avoid the following food items after a colonoscopy

Spicy food

  • Fried food
  • Nuts
  • Nut butter
  • Popcorns
  • Brown rice
  • Raw veggies
  • Fruit with their peel or skin
  • Tough, chewy meat like steak

Avoid alcohol, coffee with cream, highly acidic fruit juices, milk, and smoothies.

FAQs –

After how many hours can one start eating after a colonoscopy?

A patient can start eating 24 hours after a colonoscopy treatment as per the patient’s diet. However, bland diet food can interfere with the working of the digestive tract and can also rest and recuperate after the colonoscopy.

What are the food items that one can eat after a colonoscopy?

After a colonoscopy treatment, one can eat a low-fiber diet, including applesauce, yogurt, canned fruit, jelly, and popsicles. Avoid solid foods and stick to liquids as much as you can.

Can I eat refined carbs after a colonoscopy?

No, after a colonoscopy, you should take in a lot of liquids or low-fat easy-to-digest food items like soups, chicken, and plain yogurt.

How long will the colon take to heal after a colonoscopy?

A colon can take a week to heal after a colonoscopy. During the first week, the patients should not eat a high-fiber diet and stick to liquids as much as possible. Patients should also not perform any strenuous activities like lifting weights.

Summing it up-

Though colonoscopy can be difficult, it is important to diagnose many medical conditions. In case you are having this procedure, the healing time will be one to two weeks, and during this period, it is imperative to take care of the diet of the patients. With this article on what to eat after a colonoscopy, I hope you have a sufficient list of items to add to your diet after the operation.

They should eat a low-fiber diet and consume plenty of water, electrolytes, and liquids to help heal the digestive tract faster. It is best to avoid some beverage and food items that are mentioned here. In case of any doubts, you should consult your doctors and follow their instructions meticulously.

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