Vegan Chocolate Chip Coffee Cookies (Small Batch, Gluten-Free)

Vegan Chocolate Chip Coffee Cookies (Small Batch, Gluten-Free)

These vegan chocolate chip coffee cookies are soft, chewy, delicious, and gluten free! Made with freshly ground coffee, almond butter, dark chocolate, and flaky sea salt, they sure deliver when it comes to flavour. Plus, they’re naturally sweetened with maple syrup — no refined sugars here! (Well, maybe in the chocolate. ;))

Though they may be healthier than your classic brown butter chocolate chip cookie, you’d never be able to tell. They’re still deliciously sweet and oh-so-satisfying. Plus, you only need one bowl! No electric mixer needed. No folding wet into dry, or realizing you forgot to take the butter out of the fridge to soften and then stressing out.

But don’t just let me rant to you about it — make these super easy vegan chocolate chip coffee cookies yourself and ascend into cookie heaven. 🙂 Make sure to Pin this image to Pinterest so you have it saved for later (and help me spread the word)!

recipe notes: vegan chocolate chip coffee cookies

This recipe your key to making perfectly beautiful chocolate chip cookies with BIG chocolate chunks, super circular edges, and uniform thickness. All in 20 minutes from mixing bowl to first bite! To make sure your cookies turn out as perfect as can be for your preferences, keep on reading.

Chocolate Wafers.

You’ve probably heard how chopped chocolate chunks are way better for chocolate chip cookies than actual chocolate chips. Chocolate chips are manufactured to resist melting and to hold their shape. This means you don’t get melty masses of chocolatey goodness like you would with chunks.


I’ve had my challenges with chopped chocolate chunks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an unsponsored hoe for Baker’s baking chocolate (gimme that 70% dark chocolate mmmMMMM). But in cookies, you’ll often get thicker chunks that prevent your cookies from being even and uniform in thickness. Plus, because the chunks are so thick, you’ll often end up with chocolate that melts through the bottom of the cookie and sticks to your cookie sheet instead of staying inside the cookie en route to your taste buds.

For this recipe, I’ve used Belgian Dark Chocolate Wafers that I picked up from Bulk Barn. After a few aggressive punches through the bag on my kitchen counter, they broke into good-sized chunks. You’ll still get the little chocolate shards that melt into the rest of the dough (we love). However, since these wafers are so thin, you can press the dough down and shape your cookies without worrying that chocolate will leak out the bottom.

Flatten & Shape.

Since these cookies have so much almond butter, they won’t flatten and spread as much as your classic cookie dough. Instead of rolling into balls to bake, treat this dough like one for peanut butter cookies. Make sure you flatten them to your desired thickness (I aim for 1-2cm or 1/2″), whether that’s with your fingers or a fork.

A good thing about this dough — you can basically guarantee you’ll get perfectly circular cookies even without a cookie scoop! Just use your fingertips to squish them into shape, right on the cookie sheet. Heck, maybe even make a heart-shaped cookie (or a dinosaur). Go nuts — just send me pics!

If you have the time, throw the dough in the fridge for a couple minutes to let it chill. It makes it a lot easier to handle and shape.

Small batch or big batch?

A lot of cookie recipes will end up making as many as 24 or even 48(!) cookies. That’s a lot. If you’re isolated at home and not hosting parties with your friends, it can be hard to finish all those cookies on your own.

(Alternatively, it might be too easy to finish them all on your own … if you know what I mean. Especially if they’re this delicious.)

Whatever the case, this recipe is just for a small batch of 8 cookies (as requested by you all from my Instagram poll). If you’re looking to stock up on snacks or feed a crowd, just multiply the recipe as needed! x2 makes 16, x3 makes 24, etc. Additionally, you can also change the size of each cookie, which will affect the final count.

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