This Has Always Been Magical to Me

This Has Always Been Magical to Me

A lot of my work these days incorporates – what I like to call – some “magic”.

The basic physical and biological part of the Fuck It Diet is straight forward. The physical part alone is game-changing. So if all you take from The Fuck It Diet is that you need to eat more and trust your body, believe me, that’s good too.

But everything else that comes after that… all the working through emotions and thoughts, I have begun to put in my more magical, woo-woo terms. I talk about energy, and chakras, and surrender. I teach an intuition intensive, and my monthly membership site is part badass anti-diet school, part energy work extravaganzzzzaaa.

But I’ve been so afraid to alienate people. I think this message is so important for sooooo many, manyyyy dieters to hear, that I am afraid the woo will scare off the people who really need to hear it but don’t wanna open up my box of magic.

But energy work is not that out there. I have a therapist who does energy work. She just makes it sound more “legit”. She uses tapping to stimulate the different sides of the brain to process old emotions and experiences. She has me put my hands over different chakras which brings down stress…

But actually, all emotional processing is a sort of “energy work”.

I could make it sound more clinical, and sometimes I try. But I… well… I like a little earth magic. I think we are all really disconnected from the earth, our bodies, and trusting we are being guided. That’s how we get into this shit-storm in the first place… disconnection and lack of trust.

I also try to explain that energy work is actually pretty simple: It’s about guiding yourself to be present in your body long enough to feel and process old emotions and blocks that are keeping you stuck believing things you don’t want to believe. That was a run-on sentence, but is still the simple, straight-forward, run-on version.

The Fuck It Diet has always been magical

I don’t mention this all the time, but the Fuck It Diet was fully an intuitive process for me.

I had a sense – a strong sense – and I followed it.

And yearrrrs before it came to me, I had been legit praying to the forces that be, sometimes in a church, sometimes in a field, to help me become “normal with food”. I didn’t know what that meant. And I definitely didn’t know how important the body positive part would be. I didn’t know what it would actually take to get to normal eating. But I wanted it. It was my big, big, big intention.

I had my eyes on the prize, I just didn’t know what that would entail.

I was always spiritually seeking. Whatever my belief system was at the time, I was asking for guidance.

I wanted peace. I wanted guidance. I wanted to get to the bottom of the thing. Of course my way of trying to do that, for years, was dieting and lots of panic and anxiety. But I knew something was off and was seeking seeking seeking.


The Fuck It Diet for me was a legit spiritual epiphany. I have never called it anyting else because I don’t know what else it could possibly be called. In a moment of deep misery, I understood it all so much more clearly. And it changed my life.

The months and years that followed included a lot of me walking blind, feeling some truth, and then trying to explain it to you guys, hoping that it translated.

In the beginning it didn’t even have a name – it wasn’t called The Fuck It Diet yet – it was just this sense of “eating myself to the other side” and the new, deep understanding that caring about weight was the reason it had never worked when I’d tried before.

The Artist’s Way

Months after my epiphany, the book The Artist’s Way found itself into my … kindle. (Via my mom and a book club she reluctantly was peer pressured into joining. Jump to the night before her first day, “CAN I DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK ONTO YOUR KINDLE?!”)

This book changed my life and spirituality forever. It taught me serious surrender that – through my newly epiphanied lens – also applied amazingly to food and body image and perfectionism of all kinds. It helped me believe and connect to more in a really tangible and practical way.

Exercises from The Artist’s Way accidentally this book gave the Fuck It Diet its name.

The Fuck It Diet wouldn’t have existed without a trust that I was being guided, and a trust that I could start sharing before my message or writing was perfect.

Creativity has become a big base of my spirituality, on top of some mystic catholic remnants + some major woo-woo shit.

Again, chakras? That was something that I always heard about and thought: I don’t know what that is but I think I need to learn…

Energy Wa?

The energy work that I now do in Fuckiteer Academy and teach in Become Your Own Damn Guru, came next – accidentally.

I knew how important it was to learn to process emotions – old and new. That was something I had been doing for a while. (Thanks, Acting School!) I knew it was important when taking yourself through something this scary, to figure out what stressful beliefs are mucking up our minds with anxiety. I had been dabbling in so many self-help and energy work-y methods all along, now it was all about figuring out how to make it simple enough to teach to people struggling and panicking on The Fuck It Diet.

That’s what the my work with the Fuck It Diet has become. That’s why I have gone deeper down the energy-work rabbit-hole: Emotions and Beliefs.

Yes, TFID will teach you how to eat normally.

But if and when you bump up against major fear and panic… I will take out my magic box and start swinging pendulums around and tell you to put your hands on your body and direct you to feel what’s in there.

That’s just how we roll now.

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