SuWit Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand and Physical Benefits

SuWit Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand and Physical Benefits

Cancer is one of the most prevalent genetic diseases caused by changes to the genes that control the functioning of cells. This abnormal cell growth quickly spreads and destroys normal body tissue. Little wonder cancer is a leading cause of death in Thailand and the second-leading cause of death globally. 

When diagnosed with cancer, the weakening of the body begins. This is quickly followed by depression in most people as the weight of chemotherapy sets in. But what if Thai boxing could help alleviate this terrible condition?  

From boosting physical energy to mental strength, several kinds of research have shown martial sports like Thai boxing to help fight cancer. And this post explores how that happens.  

Physical benefits of Muay Thai boxing in fighting cancer 

Hitting the Muay Thai training camp can have immense benefits for your physical health. Some of the ways Muay Thai can help reduce the physical impacts of cancer include: 

  • Pain reduction 
  • Improving the energy and strength of your muscles 
  • Lowering the probability of the horrible side effects of cancer treatment like neuropathy, osteoporosis, fatigue, nausea, and lymphedema. 
  • Improving sleep quality 
  • Preventing muscle loss 
  • Helping with weight loss 
  • Improving overall fitness and health. 
  • Enhancing treatments geared towards destroying cancerous cells 
  • Reducing hospitalization time.  
  • Avoiding other chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. 
  • Improving the body’s general immune system. 

    Hence, incorporating Muay Thai boxing as a combat sport into your exercise plan is a no-brainer. 

    Mental benefits of Muay Thai for fighting cancer 

    Asides from the numerous physical benefits of Muay Thai when fighting cancer, this combat sport also helps improve mental health. Some of the undeniable mental benefits of Muay Thai for fighting cancer include: 
  • Building resilience 

    There’s no news more devastating than being informed of having cancer. Thankfully, Muay Thai can be an outlet for you to vent your frustrations, thereby developing resilience. 

  • Developing a fighting spirit 

    With Muay Thai, you can fight cancer. By punching, kicking, and letting off steam, you develop a strong fighting spirit as you progress through the treatment process. 

  • Enhancing mental strength 

    It is essential to maintain a positive outlook when fighting cancer for the best results. However, doing so can be difficult. Muay Thai can help you avoid a depressive state.  

    Tips for Training safely during cancer treatment 

    When undergoing cancer treatment, you must take a measured approach to Muay Thai training. Some tips to bear in mind include: 
  • Progress slowly 
  • Exercise in a safe camp and environment 
  • Do not overpush your body 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Eat healthily 
  • Ensure you maintain regular doctor visits 

 Wrap Up 

Fighting cancer is never easy. However, Muay Thai boxing camp in Thailand at SuWit Muay Thai can help make the journey more bearable. To conclude, let’s explore the real-life story of Dean James. At 19, he was diagnosed with life-threatening colon cancer. But being an athletic person, he didn’t allow that to prevent him from pursuing Muay Thai. After going through three operations and seven months of chemotherapy, he eventually beat cancer. He said Muay Thai boxing gave him the physical strength and mental willpower to push through the darkest days of his life. And the best part? He became a Muay Thai world champion in the process! Let this story inspire you never to lose hope!