Prevent Medicare cuts from taking effect

Daniel M. Duncanson

Looming Medicare fee cuts will further stress health care in our region, as well as in others across the nation.

Considering that the start of the COVID-19 pandemic SIMEDHealth and a lot of other wellbeing care suppliers have labored tirelessly to supply care for our communities. Our SIMEDHealth crew of 125 Florida certified wellbeing care suppliers and 514 personnel impress me daily with their determination, ingenuity and sheer stamina.

We have physically, emotionally and financially weathered the battle on our unrelenting foe. But now, we’re going through an supplemental heedless obstacle, not from the virus, but from Congress.  

Looming Medicare fee cuts will further more stress wellness treatment in our region, as effectively as in others throughout the country. At this significant time Congress needs to act pretty soon to avoid these cuts from having impact.

All Medicare providers are struggling with upwards of 10% cuts in reimbursements starting in January 2022. For SIMEDHealth this would have a sizeable impact.