Per Diem Nursing: The Ultimate Guide

Per Diem Nursing: The Ultimate Guide

Per diem nursing jobs have been popular even before the pandemic and more nurses have been grabbing the opportunity to work as per diem nurses during the pandemic since they can be paid more doing this. Most per diem nurses work with nurse staffing agencies since they can get more job assignments. Here are some per diem nurse job guides to know more about per diem nursing jobs. 

Is a Per Diem Nurse Job Worth it?

There are several benefits you can get from per diem nursing jobs and here are some of them:

Flexible Schedule 

Per diem nurses may get half a shift, a whale shift, or a few days to work in a healthcare facility. From the word “per Diem” which means per day, they can get a day’s work and then they are free after that. This means they don’t have any fixed schedule, therefore they can plan when to work and when to rest. Per diem nurses who want to maximize their time can take all the assignments they want while per diem nurses who think few assignments are good enough to finance their needs can decline some assignments offered to them. So as a per diem nurse you can plot your schedule on what months you want to work and what months you want to rest or do some leisure. 

Higher Hourly Rate 

Per diem nurses get higher hourly pay than regular nurses that’s why nurses prefer to work as per diem nurses. Plus they can get paid after each assignment, they don’t need to wait for salary day to be able to get their money. The pay of per diem nurses is higher to motivate more nurses to take the job offer, starting when the pandemic burst the need for nurses has increased and this is one way of encouraging more nurses to work in different areas to equally distribute the nurses to areas where they are needed.

More Job Opportunities 

Per diem nurse who works with a nursing staffing agency can get more job offers. This means more opportunities for them to earn and practice their profession. Per diem nurses are even allowed to work with more than one staffing agency which means the work opportunity is higher. Nurses are grabbing the opportunity to work as much as they can while their service is still in demand. 

Opportunity to Travel 

Per diem nurses can be assigned to different areas and this means they can travel to different places and even reach different states or even countries! As a per diem nurse, you will be given the opportunity to visit different places while practicing your profession without spending too much. The good thing about per diem nursing assignments is you can get reimbursements from job-related expenses as you work in other areas outside your residence.

Why do Healthcare Facilities Prefer to Hire a Per Diem Nurse?

Hiring per diem nurses can give a solution of the following concerns in healthcare facilities:

Give Solution to Staff Shortages Immediately 

Rather than spending time hiring people they need, they just have to call the nurse’s staffing agency and they can get a per diem nurse to work immediately for their facilities. This can be more convenient for them in filing staff shortages. 

Hiring per diem Nurses Don’t Require them to pay Benefits 

Once regular nurses are hired the health facilities need to pay their benefits but getting per diem nurses would not require them to do so since they are not considered regular workers. Per diem nurses are employed by the agency and not the health facilities. 

Less Expense for Healthcare Facilities 

The recruitment process takes money and time for healthcare facilities, getting per diem nurses can lessen their expenses as well as save time. 

Now that you have an idea on Per diem nursing: The ultimate guide then you can start qualifying yourself to become a per diem nurse or if you are a healthcare facility then you can now better understand why getting a per diem nurse to work for you can be better. Per diem nurses can give opportunities to nurses as well as aid in solving issues in staffing shortages with healthcare facilities.