New Mexico needs to win big in 2022

Bill Soules

A winning or squandered system?

New Mexico is becoming showered with billions of federal bucks that incorporate to our document condition revenues. During the December distinctive session we appropriated a portion of that dollars to quite a few essential assignments. Now, point out lawmakers have a once in a lifetime second to fund a winning program to elevate all New Mexicans up and vastly make improvements to our overall health, education, career readiness and economic engines.

We can glance up and out with investments towards a different potential. Or we can waste the opportunity, dribbling it away on unsustainable projects that assistance couple of.

Investments in the long run: A successful approach

In this long term, lawmakers use a successful strategy to use the billions to reinvent New Mexico, redesigning infrastructure in communications, transportation, housing, healthcare, public schooling, agriculture and metropolis and town preparing in city and rural regions. Visionary initiatives to look at involve: