Kumkumadi Oil Benefits, Tips To Use, Constituents, and Side Effects

Kumkumadi Oil Benefits, Tips To Use, Constituents, and Side Effects

Kumkumadi Oil Benefits

The skin is the body’s primary line of defense. According to Ayurveda, good skin is an excellent indicator of overall health and well-being. Skincare necessitates some effort. The skin requires the same care and attention as the rest of our functional bodily parts. People use cosmetics to make their skin look younger and more beautiful. Most cosmetic products contain harmful chemicals and preservatives that cause side effects on the skin. Kumkumadi Tailam, also known as Kumkumadi oil, is a magical ayurvedic combination of herbs used to improve skin health and treat many skin conditions. This oil, which functions as a moisturizer, is great for those with dry, flaky skin but works well on all skin types. Let’s look at some additional reasons why you should use Kumkumadi oil for its severe health benefits.

What is Kumkumadi Oil?

Kumkumadi oil or Kumkumadi Tailam or saffron oil is an Ayurvedic formulation used for maintaining healthy skin. It comprises flower, fruit, plant, and milk extracts. The oil is made of 100% natural ingredients and is safe on the skin. 

  • It is a cosmetic product suitable for dry and sensitive skin. 
  • It is a miraculous elixir as it is believed to make your skin sparkle like gold when applied consistently. 
  • Kumkumadi oil benefits the skin greatly by treating skin infections like hyperpigmentation, allergy, and eczema and reducing signs of aging like dark spots, wrinkles, dark circles, etc. 
  • This oil is well-known for its ability to rejuvenate and replenish skin cells, illuminate the skin, and provide a youthful and healthy appearance.

Constituents of Kumkumadi Oil –

The ancient Kumkumadi oil is made of 20 to 26 constituents, all of which serve to improve the skin. Some of its constituents are: 

  • Saffron pollens (Kesar)
  • Red sandalwood (all Chandan) 
  • Manjistha, licorice (Mulethi)
  • Turmeric
  • Indian banyan 
  • Java fig
  • Indian lotus (Padmaka)
  • lac (Laksha)
  • Mahua
  • Pattanga
  • Agnimantha
  • bael
  • Gambhari 
  • Prishnaparni
  • Kantakari 
  • Brihati
  • Sesame oil 
  • Goat milk
  • rose water

How to use Kumkumadi oil?

To yield the benefits of Kumkumadi oil, follow the following steps:

  1. Wash your face thoroughly with soapy water.
  2. Pour a few drops of the oil onto your skin and massage it into your face.
  3. Allow the oil to sit overnight or for at least 2-3 hours before washing it off for best results.

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8 Kumkumadi oil benefits that will surprise you – 

Kumkumadi oil has excellent medicinal and therapeutic properties. Kumkumadi oil benefits us in many ways. Some of the Kumkumadi oil benefits are listed below. 

Skin Brightening: 

Kumkumadi Tailam is recognized for its skin brightening benefits because it is loaded with the goodness of sandalwood, saffron, and licorice, which helps to lighten the complexion. 

  1. This oil’s antioxidant and antibacterial characteristics aid in blood circulation and the rejuvenation of skin cells. 
  2. Regular use of this oil in your beauty routine can help reduce sun tan and provide a healthy, natural glow from within. 

For ideal results, apply Kumkumadi oil regularly by following this regimen. Take a cotton ball and apply equal parts of Kumkumadi and almond oil. Allow it to sit on your skin overnight. Follow this skincare beauty routine before bedtime to enhance your complexion and reduce blemishes.

Averts Acne and Pimples: 

Acne is a common skincare condition everyone has dealt with at some point in their lives. Kumkumadi oil is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. 

  1. This is particularly effective for treating skin infections such as acne and pimples. 
  2. It also protects the sebaceous glands from infection, reducing redness and pain at the location of acne. 
  3. The oil is a gentle cleanser, cleaning the skin pores by eliminating dead skin cells, dirt, and grime particles. 
  4. You can combine Shankha Bhashma and Kumkumadi oil to treat pimples and acne. Shankha Bhishma is a calcium-containing Ayurvedic medicine used to soothe the stomach and boost digestion. 

Make a mixture of a teaspoon of Shankha Bhashma and a drop of Kumkumadi Tailam. Apply this paste to the areas affected by acne and pimples. When applied regularly, this mixture cures and prevents acne growth while cooling the skin.

Lessons Scars: 

Acne and pimples leave behind visible scars. The truth is, these scars are difficult to get rid of. The oil penetrates deeply into the skin cells and lightens scars. Kumkumadi oil is enriched with the medicinal properties of kumkum and Haldi. They not only help in healing scars but also prevent the formation of new scars. Even in the later phases, using this oil in conjunction with tea tree oil successfully minimizes and lightens scars.

Treats Hyperpigmentation: 

It inhibits melanin production in the skin, which lightens the skin and eliminates dark areas and imperfections. As Kumkumadi oil is rich in antioxidants, it regulates the epidermal inflammatory response of the skin. This, in turn, promotes arachidonic acid oxidation and the release of leukotrienes, prostaglandins, and other mediators. Kumkumadi oil interrupts the chain of these chemical reactions by decreasing inflammation and acting as an antioxidant.

Moisturizes the Skin: 

Kumkumadi oil possesses moisturizing characteristics, which are perfect for dealing with dry skin. It softens the driest skin and makes it plump and silky. Regular usage gives you a natural glowing look.

Sunscreen Properties: 

Several studies have concluded that the saffron pollens of Kumkumadi oil serve as a natural sun protectant and provide SPF 30 protection. Natural herbs, floral extracts, and essential oils like saffron oil, sesame oil, almond oil, rose oil, sandalwood, lotus extracts, turmeric extracts, vetiver, and Manjistha protect the skin from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays of the sun. It prevents free radical damage to the skin, reduces tanning, and reduces signs of premature aging.

Heals Wounds: 

Kumkumadi oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, and disinfectant properties. Due to the antifungal properties of lac (Laksha), the oil efficiently heals wounds and prevents skin infections. The relaxing properties of its floral extracts alleviate rash, itching, and burning sensations.


Kumkumadi oil helps to balance out skin tone and prevents discoloration. As time progresses, the skin becomes full of spots, blemishes, and dark circles, which make it appear dull and old. Blemishes are caused by hormonal imbalances caused by exposure to sun and pollution, poor diet, and aging. The botanical components of the Kumkumadi oil, like sandalwood, saffron, licorice, and turmeric, are useful in enhancing skin health. It is essential for whitening the skin around the eyes, eliminating dark circles, reducing scars, controlling hyperpigmentation, etc. 

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Side Effects of Kumkumadi Oil –

  • This herbal oil has no negative side effects as it is made from 100% natural products. 
  • It can be used during breastfeeding and pregnancy as well. 

Conclusion – 

With changing times and lifestyles, Indians are moving away from their roots. We are shifting toward western culture and adopting allopathic medicinal systems. Given the low success rate and massive side effects of the hazardous chemicals used in allopathy, it is critical to educate young people so that we can transition to our Ayurvedic system of care.

Kumkumadi oil is an ancient Ayurvedic medication. It is free from any side effects as it is made from all-natural ingredients like saffron, licorice, bael, turmeric, Indian banyan, sesame oil, red sandalwood, Indian lotus, etc. All genders and all age groups can use it. Kumkumadi oil benefits skin health greatly. It enhances skin tone, reduces acne and pimples, minimizes signs of aging, and controls hyperpigmentation. 

FAQs –

What is Kumkumadi oil made of?

The Kumkumadi oil is made of 20 to 26 natural ingredients like saffron pollens, red sandalwood, Mahua, Manjistha, licorice, bael, turmeric, Indian banyan, Kantakari, java fig, Brihati, Indian lotus, lac, Pattanga, Agnimantha, Gambhari, Prishnaparni, sesame oil, goat milk, rose water, etc.

What is the primary benefit of Kumkumadi oil?

Kumkumadi oil benefits the skin. It averts acne and pimples, reduces hyperpigmentation, heals wounds, reduces signs of aging, protects from harmful sun UV rays, and moisturizes and brightens the skin. 

What are the side effects of Kumkumadi Tailam?

The Kumkumadi Tailam has no negative side effects as it is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Can Kumkumadi Tailam use by pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women can use it as it is a natural Ayurvedic product.

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