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How to Get Rid of Trapped Wind Quickly – 6 Ways

One can find out if they have the wind in their system if they are continuously burping, passing gas, or have a sharp pain in their belly. Bloating is another sign of trapped wind in the system. It is a natural body function but can be pretty painful. Hence it will be best to get rid of this wind trapped inside the body as soon as possible. 

So, How to get rid of trapped wind quickly? Well, various home and medication-based treatment options are available to get rid of trapped wind or gas quickly. 

This blog will cover simple remedies and ways of getting rid of wind trapped in the body. We will also look at ways to prevent wind from getting trapped and food that should be avoided if you have this problem.

How to get rid of trapped wind quickly? 

  • Herbal tea for trapped gas relief – 

Herbal tea like spearmint, chamomile, fennel, or ginger can relieve the stomach. If the pain is too intense, make yourself a cup of herbal tea with different supplements like anise, ginger, or peppermint. It is very simple to make these teas. Just pour boiling water over a tea bag and wait a few minutes. Once your tea is ready, take small sips and let it settle in the system. Moreover, the nature of the teas is that they can help pass gas quickly.

  • Fennel seeds to cure trapped wind – 

You must have seen the bowl of fennel seeds served in restaurants after measles can help digestion and relieve gas. Just take a tablespoon of fennel seeds and start chewing it to quickly pass the wind out of your system.

  • Apple cider vinegar with water – 

This is, again, a natural ingredient that can help deal with gas or wind in the system. Just mix apple cider vinegar with water, gulp it down your throat, and see the effects within a few minutes.

  • Use a heating pad to relieve trapped gas – 

Take a heating pad around your abdomen or where you feel a little stomach pain. This heating will allow wind movement in the system and release it quickly. Moreover, this can also help with the discomfort caused by wind in the abdomen.

  • Simple stretching, massaging, and exercises – 

In case the pain is too difficult, it will be best to perform a few activities to help deal with wind in the system. One can also perform yoga or simple stretching exercises alone. Massaging the abdomen can also help in passing the wind. Apply a little pressure on the abdomen area where you feel the pain or discomfort and press slowly. This will help in relieving the wind out of the body.

You can use Over-the-counter medications like simethicone or activated charcoal to pass wind out of the body and relieve the pain caused by the wind. Some specific medications can be helpful in these conditions. We have mentioned a few such medications in the following passage.

OTC Medication for getting rid of wind quickly

Some over-the-counter medications can also help in getting rid of wind quickly. Some medicines with simethicone include Maalox anti-gas, Mylanta Gas, and Gas-X or phazyme. Apart from these medications. Activated charcoal can also be used to get rid of wind quickly.

Activated charcoal can also cause side effects like constipation, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. This can also change the color of stools to black. It will be best to check with the doctor before taking these products.

How to prevent wind from getting trapped in the body?

It is an excellent way of dealing with the problem by preventing wind from getting trapped.

The main reason for wind trapping in the body is swallowing too much air. Try avoiding the following activities to prevent air swallowing.

  • chew some gum
  • drink soda and other fizzy drinks after eating your food
  • avoid eating or drinking too quickly
  • avoid talking while eating
  • drinking with the help of straw
  • avoid smoking
  • avoid alcohol or fermented drinks
  • walking after eating dinner or lunch

How to avoid wind trapping in the body with diet?

  • Changing your diet can help prevent many gas problems. First, one should eat a high-fiber diet that can help contribute to gas or wind. Cut refined carbs and oily foods entirely out of your diet. 
  • Provide your gut with high-fiber foods like essential vitamins and minerals. Moderation of food and nutrients is vital to keep a balance. Eat a healthy diet rich in many food groups that can support gut health.
  • Take pre and probiotic supplements: Pre and probiotic supplements are good for gut health and keep the stomach rich with microorganisms. These drinks and accessories are essential for maintaining your health and help avoid trapped wind in the body.
  • Some foods with higher fiber are green leafy vegetables like sprouts, artichokes, beets, lentils, kidney beans, peas, and other food items like apples, pears, bananas, raspberries, and strawberries or whole grains.

FAQs – 

Why does trapped wind cause pain?

Trapped wind can pressure the digestive tract, and the build-up of gas in the stomach can feel like chest pain or stones in the abdomen.

How can you release a trapped wind?

One can treat trapped wind by drinking warm water slowly, and you can also add peppermint oil to it. One can also drink herbal tea made of chamomile and dandelion. Massaging the abdomen can also help in releasing trapped wind.

How long will trapped wind last in the body?

Trapped wind can also last for a few hours in the body. One can take OTC medications or trigger foods to pass wind quickly. Some people can also try using home remedies to deal with trapped wind.

How painful is trapped wind?

Trapped wind can be very painful and discomforting. One can also feel the trapped wind, with the help of their hands on the abdomen or stomach. Massaging the area can help eliminate the trapped wind in the system.

What causes trapped winds?

Excessive winds in the stomach can be due to swallowing more air when the body digests the food or can be related to an underlying medical condition. Indigestion and irritable bowel movement can also result in trapped winds.

Concluding the text –

Wind can be trapped in the body after swallowing a lot of air. The condition can be from mild to severe. The mild condition of wind can be dealt with simple home remedies like drinking tea, eating fennel seeds, using a heating pad, or gentle exercises and stretching. However, severe gas problems can be dealt with medications like Gas X. One can take care of a few things to prevent wind trapping in the system. They can drink with a straw, eat slowly, and chew gum. 

I hope this blog post has helped you figure out how to get rid of trapped wind quickly?

In case the pain from the wind is too severe, then you should consult your nearest doctor. You can also consult credihealth for the same.

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