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How to dissolve bone spurs naturally?

How to dissolve bone spurs naturally: Bone spurs or osteophytes are the calcium deposits in the bone that can be around the joints and can create a cushion for your feet and toes. These deposits are joined down and worn out due to wear and tear. The body develops calcium deposits as an attempt to replace the cartilage that has been lost during an injury or a spot. X-Rays make the diagnosis of bone spurs, and they can be dissolved naturally. 

Do bone spurs respond to treatment? If so, How to dissolve bone spurs naturally? Well, there are various natural and home-based ways to treat bone spurs. Please have a look at them in this blog.

What can be the causes of bone spurs?

Bone spurs can be due to


muscle or ligament strains

  • The plantar fascia, or the fibrous tissues on the bottom of the heels to the toe, is stretched
  • The membrane that covers the heel bone is here.
  • Repeated foot pounding can also cause bone spurs
  • Jogging and running on a hard surface
  • Poorly fitting shoes
  • Obesity or excessive weight
  • Standing a lot of the feet
  • Increased age and diabetes

This is usually seen in professional athletes, and calcium deposits build up on the heel bone, forming a protrusion that causes inflammation. 

How to dissolve bone spurs naturally –

Bone spurs can go away on their own. Before determining the type of treatment you must take, you should see the doctor and check if the bone spur will go away. It will be best to examine the foot and test the range of motion in the X-rays to check for the number of spurs out. 

The Following methods help dissolve bone spurs naturally-

  1. Daily stretching and performing low-impact exercises
  2. Dietary changes
  3. Heat and ice therapy
  4. Wearing properly fitted shoes
  5. Over-the-counter medications for pain management
  6. Regular physical therapy

Moreover, anyone can apply adhesive tapes and bandages on the spurs to treat the pain, stabilize the foot against the pressure, and place pressure on the joints. In case it is necessary, then surgery is required.

Treatment methods for dissolving bone spurs –

  1. Applying Ice- The best way of dissolving bone spurs naturally is by applying some ice packs over the heel where you can feel the pain. It is used as a cool compress and can be wrapped around the heel or the sole for 10-15 minutes, and this process can be repeated a few times during the day.
  2. Physical therapy – Stretching the muscles and the calves can relax the foot. This can reduce the strains on the heel and the bones. The most useful are physical therapy by regular practitioners and doctors in a clinic. Physicians perform physical therapies and have a bunch of exercises you can also perform at home to deal with the bone spurs.
  3. Anti-inflammatory medications – Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, and Naproxen sodium can dissolve or reduce the bone in spurs. People with kidney problems should not take this medication. These medications are only to be given to patients if they have such intense pain that it is unbearable.
  4. Injection to dissolve bone spurs – Injections having cortisone can alleviate the pain and cure or dissolve bone spurs. These injections are directly applied to the bones, and the calcium deposits are tried to be removed. This will help eliminate the growth or extra deposits that can cause pain.

Opting for surgery –

Surgery is the choice that the patients have to make in case the pain of bone spurs is too severe to bear for the individuals and can be exhausting as well. Since nonsurgical methods can dissolve bone spurs, surgery is not required, and the bones are supposed to improve mobility with time and medications. Therefore, surgery is required only in cases where the pain is too severe to be dealt with by the patients, and the only option is cutting the bone with the help of lasers.

Hence we recommend using the treatment mentioned above before opting for surgery.

How to prevent bone spurs?

A bone spur can be prevented by natural wear and tear in the case of arthritis. You can also employ the following steps to prevent bone spurs.

  1. Wear shoes with a wide toe and box, good arch support, and provide cushion to pad each step. Get your shoes fitted by a professional, and Wear wide feet that prevent shoes from rubbing.
  2. Eat a well-rounded diet with plenty of calcium and vitamin D to protect the bones and keep feets safe.
  3. Try to avoid increased weight.

See your doctor if you have any pain, swelling, or stiffness. Prevent arthritis to prevent bone spurs.

FAQs –

How to dissolve bone spur?

Although a few supplements can help dissolve bone spurs, surgeries are the ultimate option. There are also specific home remedies that can help dissolve bone spurs.

Will bone spurs dissolve on their own?

Bone spurs will not dissolve on their own as they require some work. However, using treatments like non-invasive methods and daily stretches can help dissolve bone spurs.

How to get rid of bone spurs without surgery?

Use ice packs, exercise, and walk to dissolve spurs. You can also take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications like acetaminophen and aspirin, ibuprofen. You can also take tropical medicines like cortisone, physical therapy, and rest.

How to shrink bone spurs immediately?

You can shrink bone spurs by using ice, acetaminophen, NSAIDs, and resting. Physical therapies are also indicative of reducing bone spurs.

Conclusion – 

Bone spurs can be extremely painful and can be caused by an injury, accident, sport, or naturally by the body’s way of dealing with the deposits of calcium in the body. It will be best to deal with bone spurs naturally than opting for an invasive step like surgery. It will be best to use any of the options mentioned above, but still, in case you require it, you can get help from your doctors and help change the diagnosis by changing your lifestyle habits and diet.

Consult your doctor if you need more information about the best treatment plan, or consult our credihealth team.

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