How To Conduct 12 Panel Urine Drug Tests Effectively?

Urine drug screen: Uses, procedure, detection times, and results

Abundant use of drugs is common these days. People find drug elements in food particles in great amounts. Thus, they cannot understand that they are consuming a raw product. But the taste of it starts a reaction in them to consume more. To ease the patients of drug use and abuse, medical units conduct Drug Tests. These tests help medical professionals to detect and cure drug patients. And the best thing is the diverse detection of substances with ease. 

Presently, several tests find importance and usage. Moreover, there is no difficulty in differentiating tests. By reading the name of the test, it is easy to figure out the basics. For instance, all test names come with a numeric digit. These digits help you to understand the number of substances a test will detect. 12 Panel Urine Drug Tests thus will screen for twelve basic drug elements. In essence, these tests allow you to screen for additional substances likewise. But we will cover how the conductance of these tests is possible, and how you can conduct being a home nurse or doctor. 

The Need of a Drug Test Conductance 

People find it difficult to understand the true necessity of Drug Tests. In essence, they lose their temper when they find themselves in the middle of conductance. But this is normal nowadays since drug consumption has become rapid. Now, every second person will find himself in a state of abuse or abundant usage. To protect the ones that do not indulge in these activities, such tests have great importance. Moreover, to cure current patients, rehab centers require these tests likewise.  

In general, panel tests for drug detection find importance in:

  • Offices during monthly or yearly screening drives 
  • Government offices for substance screening over time or during the inspection 
  • Government job placements since a negative result are ideal for candidates 
  • Sudden conductance on suspicion 
  • Rehab centers to assess the betterment of patients over time 
  • Medical units for general screening of patients 

Basic Test Methodology 

When we say conducting these Drug Tests is easy, it is in fact. In essence, you require basic test kit elements and a general sample from the patient. These tests are easy to commence and process since you do not find great requirements. The obtaining of a sample from the patient is easy. The sample is of the patient’s urine rather than blood. Scientific reasons back this claim and necessity to the full. 

To conduct these panel tests, you will not contain the urine sample in a cup. Next, the urine sample requires testing through either screening element. Often, medical units use test strips to determine the test results. These results take time to process and show a complete report of substances. 

However, some patients or situations require rapid detection. This is to begin another important phase in cure and treatment. For this, rapid screening finds importance and use. Thus, drug screens come into use since they provide a quick screening result. It is another task to read the drug screen ideally. Thus, you cannot hand over the test conductance to an unprofessional. 

Test Kit Elements 

Every panel drug test makes utilization of a standard kit. However, the kit elements change in minor if you plan to screen more substances. But in general, all panel tests make use of a standard kit that is easy to find and use. 

Panel test kit elements include:

  • Test cups, standard or random 
  • Test strips, each for a specific substance 
  • Screens or cartridges for rapid detection or home test conductance 
  1. Test Cups 

The basic kit element is a test cup that has to hold a urine sample. This test cup can be a standard one obtained from a drug store. Or use a disposable plastic cup. The purpose is to hold the urine sample for detection. The latter method is used when conducting the test at home or taking a sample yourself. Standard Drug Test Cups come with test strips. Hence, you will find standard cups for specific panel tests only. 

  1. Test Strips 

Drug Test Strips are the second most useful test kit element. Without a test strip, it is impossible to conduct a test for detailed results. A standard test cup will come with test strips. The number of strips in a cup depends on the elements a panel test will screen. A 12-panel test will screen twelve substances and thus it will require twelve test strips. Each strip is unique for a single substance. For example, a test strip for alcohol will only detect alcohol. 

  1. Test Cartridges 

People often mistake cartridges and screens. In essence, Drug Test Cartridges are nothing by test screens. These screens or cartridges come into use when looking for a rapid test. All you need is to dip the cartridge with the detection side into the urine sample. Bands appear in the columns on the cartridge and detect element presence. These bands differ between single, double, and often no bands. 

Test Results 

There is a wide theory regarding reading the result of a drug test. Often you will not find a quick solution to this. Thus, we bring you easy methods to distinguish the results from your panel drug test. And that is how you can interpret them in terms of a positive and a negative result. 

  • Positive Drug Test Result

The drug test returns positive only when a large percentage of metabolites are present in the urine sample of the patient. These metabolites vary in amount for different drugs that are to be tested. Thus, a positive drug test result would easily provide you information as to which drug is present and not present in your urine sample.

  • Negative Drug Test Result

Similarly, a negative drug test would also be returned. A negative drug test result shows that there is a low percentage of drugs present in your urine sample. It also means the drug presence is lower than what must be for a positive result.