How happiness is related to your behavior towards life

How happiness is related to your behavior towards life


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Can Meditation Help you? From a very early age, we are subconsciously in the pursuit of happiness, aren’t we? A newborn baby when its hair just starts to curl you will notice that it finds happiness in every toy you throw at him. They get carried away with the pleasure these toys give them. After few hours you will suddenly notice them getting annoyed for no reason as they grow hungry, now they see the satisfaction in the food that is fed and the toys now seem to be of least pleasure to them and Achieve happiness. Yes, Meditation can help.

Meditation can help


They grow up and now they see happiness in spending time with their friends. Later on, in their adulthood, they encounter bliss in the form of love and they see this as an ultimate level of happiness. They experience certain kind of resort in this relation, but with each passing day, this happiness soon begins to shed its color and now they have an urge to begin a family so as to take this happiness to another level. Do you think I would be ever able to end this list of external factors on what your joy depends upon?

Great personalities have always tried to drill this into our heads that happiness is not without it is within us. Humans are not the ones who ought to be blamed for searching happiness in such an unintelligible way. Every person who is brought to this earth is carried away with the lust this materialistic world has showcased for us. No doubt you will seek pleasure from the outside world but that will always be a constant struggle. To squeeze happiness out of something that is not yours is temporary and it is bound to disappoint you at one point in your life and achieve happiness.

There are two reasons why it is said that external happiness is a limited edition.

Worldly happiness being materialistic, its essence soon fades. The second reason is something that people fail to see, but it should be in the limelight as this is the prime reason why people encounter sadness so often these days. Your attitude to look for misery in every situation spreads glumness around you. For instance, you are seated in a restaurant and you take a glance at a family that is relishing sizzler besides your table.

You feel pity looking at your half-filled table in comparison to their over-filled ones. But from a street beggar’s viewpoint, there is no miserable creature on the earth like you. When you disregard of whatever nature has chosen to shower upon, you are ought to be doomed every second of your life.

The biggest and silly mistake that people tend to do nowadays is they search for joy in people who are joyous within. We see today that people cling to groups that are full of amusement. The world laps for the company of such charmers as though they are their source of gaiety. This is where we need to divert our thoughts, from others to ourselves.

Personalities like Sadh guru, who have gained profound knowledge on how this mind, body and energies work has conferred that happiness, can be sought from within. Meditation or mind yoga paves the path for such eternal happiness. Apart from being meditative, there are various other factors that affect the mental state of happiness of a person. Like the food you eat.

This being an external factor also has a deep impact on how you turn out as, even after being meditative. In the yogic culture, foods are bifurcated as ones that negatively energize your body and the other that positively. Raw or boiled vegetables, Groundnuts, honey, fruits are supposed to impact you in a positive manner. Whereas tea, coffee, alcohol, onion, and garlic are considered to boost negative energies within you. Thus, food is a critical factor when you want to imagine yourself in a euphoric state.

Happiness within can be found when you switch off the lights to see outwards. You have been unknowingly meditative most of the time until now. Like when you are engulfed in creative art, or you sing or perform dance moves. These are the times when you cut yourself off from the world and get deeply engrossed in yourself. Haven’t you experienced a feeling of kinship with the art?

That is happiness. Being meditative and contemplating on yourself for just a few minutes for a month will give you results. Because when you begin to hear sounds from within, your heartbeats, your breathing you get curious to grow deeper inside.

The brain now no more sends signals to your body about any external movements happening around but about yourself. Each cell of your body tends to now absorb the energies of who you are. With each deep breath, you should try to shove get rid of anxiety and stress that you presently hold.

This indicates the brain to send some calming yet positive signal to each cell of your body thus leaving you in a complete state of relaxation. Each cell now rests in a peaceful state and this, in turn, gives you little bundles of joy. From a scientific viewpoint, it is evident that being meditative helps in shrinking that part of the brain which holds on your stress and anxiety and with each passing day it has become more evident that the activities in the left part of your brain increases and Achieve happiness.

This is now a positive sign and a way to assure that you are on the right track because the left part of your brain is supposed to be its euphoric zone. There is an assurance in this technique if you become mindful for at least 5 times a week for just a few minutes. The state of mindfulness is said to be practiced before 8 in the morning and after 5 in the evening. Such peak times are sure to yield benefits for you in the time to come. Enrich your life from being mindful now and Achieve happiness.

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