Honey Lemon Thyme Muffins (with crumble topping!)

Honey Lemon Thyme Muffins (with crumble topping!)

These honey lemon thyme muffins are so soft and delicious! Packed with lemon flavour and infused with thyme, the buttery crumble topping adds a perfect finish.

I’m really proud of the photos I took for this recipe! My main goal for my food photography right now is to improve my composition (and to embrace negative space). Scroll through the photos below, and let me know if you can see me using leading lines, organic curves, the rule of odds, geometry, framing, and layering.

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Recipe Notes: Honey Lemon Thyme Muffins

This recipe follows your typical muffin-making sequence — but with some extra bits to give it some oomph and some pizzazz!

Infused buttermilk: In order for the lovely fragrant citrus-y flavour of the thyme to come through, we’re going to infuse its flavour into the buttermilk! If you don’t have buttermilk on hand, you can use regular milk instead.

Chopped thyme: Including the leaves of thyme in the batter helps add some visual interest when you cut it open. Plus, it helps to add some extra bursts of flavour with every bite.

Sweetened with honey: There’s no refined sugars in the muffin batter! All the sweetness comes from honey. If you can, try getting your hands on some locally-produced honey! Local honey tends to be tastier and more fragrant — plus, it can help to fend against seasonal allergies. Support local apiaries!

Buttery crumble topping: The prettiest part of these muffins! A pretty classic crumble — just butter, flour, sugar, rolled oats, and salt. Feel free to omit if you just want a plain muffin.

One last note: Regular muffin liners are just fine, but if you want to make your muffins look a little more ~fancy~ and bakery-esque, cut up some squares of parchment and smoosh them into your muffin tin!

Serve these bad boys warm with a smear of honey butter!

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