Difference between deep sleep and REM sleep

Did you know that there are even stages in your sleep cycle each night? Well yes, scientists have analyzed human sleep to a far greater extent to get and have a deep idea of how the human brain and metabolic processes are going on deep in your body when you are sleeping.

But before we get deep into the sleep mode to analyze the complex differences between the two stages of a sleep cycle here is a thing you need to avoid. Well, stop using pills of Modalert 200 for their wakefulness capabilities. It nights not allow you to sleep at all.  

What are the two broad classifications of the sleep cycle going on inside of your body?

There are majorly two different sleep types that you can classify your night sleep each one having its sub-stages. First, we will begin looking at the two different broader stages of sleep and then have a look at its sub-stages too. this will enable you to get a basic idea of the difference between the two modes of sleep. then we will also answer of few general questions on the two broader types of sleep. 

REM Sleep

This is known as rapid eye movement sleep which is considered as the deepest mode of sleep in which the iris of your eyes will be in constant movement and it is probable that at this stage of sleep you are most probably dreaming. Non-REM sleep is before REM sleep. 

Deep sleep 

This is by far the deepest mode of sleep you can ever have in a night. This is the sleep that you can get in a night after the REM stages.

Remember that neither you can have REM nor deep sleep achieved if you have the actions of Modvigil 200 and other wakefulness pills active in your body. 

REM Sleep

To get to this stage of sleep you must have passed through the two different stages of sleep cycles is stages 1 and 2 which belong to the Non-REM sleep. 

We will give you a short description of stages 1 and 2 which belong to the categories of non-REM sleep as this is how you fall asleep each night. 

During the first stage in non-REM sleep, your body functions and metabolic activities begin to slow down. Your muscle activities begin slowing down as well. The brain also functions at a lower stage at this stage of sleep generally a bit less than the wakefulness levels which you may also get with the help of pills like Modaheal 200


During stage two that accounts for more than fifty percent of non-REM sleep, your body’s metabolic systems continue slowing down further. Even your body temperature might drop a bit due to the fewer metabolic activities. The eye movements would stop completely at this stage of sleep. And your brain will function but only occasionally. 

REM sleep on the other hand occurs roughly after 90- minutes of sleep. it is in this stage of sleep that you can experience the following things-

Eyes moving rapidly from one side to the other

Experiencing dreams at this stage of sleep as your brain activity will generally increase during REM sleep and is more close to a wakefulness state

Heartbeat will also gather pace at this stage and is close to almost wakefulness stages

Breathing can be a bit faster at this stage and sometimes it may even get a bit irregular

Your limbs get to show signs of paralysis like feel

Remember that it is not even close to REM sleep that you will get if you have actions of wakefulness pills like Waklert 150 being around. 

Why is deep sleep more preferred than REM sleep?

The first major point of difference between REM sleep and deep sleep is that during the later stage of sleep your brain starts synthesizing more amounts of glucose and this leads to an increase in shorter-term and long-term memory. You can enhance your learning skills and be able to hold on to everything you have learned newly at this point. 

The second most important benefit that you derive out of deep sleep and the one why doctors also prefer you to go too deep sleep mode rather than being in the REM sleep mode is because in the deep sleep mode your body synthesizes more hormones and even the secretion levels increase. Important hormones such as the pituitary hormone in the brain or the human growth hormone secrete at this point of the sleep stage.

Apart from this tissue healing is a major activity going on at this stage of sleep. you may not even know but due to a stressful day at work, many of your tissues are in a damaged state. During the deep sleep stage, they are in the healing mode. Along with this, there are also many cells in the brain that are healed or get replaced at this point. 

If you think that deep sleep is not required then here are a few more highly important activities going on at this stage-

Energy restoration

Cell regeneration in various parts of the body including brain cells, nerve cells, and tissue cells

Rising blood supply to the muscles

Healing of bones and repairing 

Your deep sleep also does loads of good deeds for boosting up the immune system such as providing nutrition to the immunity cells or T- cells, repairing them, healing them, and regenerating them. 

How much deep sleep do you need out of total hours of sleep?

Further interesting things are coming up in this section… so buckle up.. first of all, the total number of deep sleep hours that you have during the night generally decreases with age. 

For a man aged 30, they might have around 2 hours of deep sleep each night whereas, for a person who is more than 60, they may have less than half an hour of deep sleep or even none at all. 

Remember that with pills like Artivigil 150 being around it will be extremely difficult to get into this sleeping mode. 

How much sleep do you need in a day?

Scientists say that after the actions of pills like Modaheal 200 or in general all wakefulness tendencies are gone you need to be able to sleep for at least 8 hours or one-third of the day.   

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