Common Causes of Cough in Children

Coughing helps remove debris from the airways and prevents them from entering the lungs. The chemicals could be compounds from the lungs and/or airways or inhaled particles. Sputum, also known as phlegm and composed of mucus, particles, and cells expelled from the lungs, is the substance that is most frequently coughed up from the lungs and airways. But occasionally, coughing up blood happens. A productive cough is one that produces either. Younger children frequently consume the stuff, however older children commonly cough it up. Some coughs don’t produce any material. They are regarded as being unproductive or arid. One of the most typical causes for parents to take their kids to a private respiratory paediatrician is a cough. 

Let’s now look into the common causes of cough so that you as a parent can take adequate steps to prevent it.

6 Common Causes of Cough in Children

Coughing is common in children especially in preschoolers but sometimes it might require some special medical attention.

Common Cold 

Children’s upper respiratory infections are the most typical cause of chronic coughing. There are more than 100 viruses, playing in the ground causing these colds. Some children are unable to cough the mucus out when the congestion worsens, so they choose to ingest it. The accumulation of mucus can also upset a child’s stomach or cause her to gag, which may result in her throwing up. A cold typically needs to pass its course. 


When the immune system overreacts to a harmless substance believing it to be an alien intruder, allergies develop. An allergen is something that triggers an allergic response. There are several allergens, such as pollen, animal dander, particular foods, and medicines.

Foreign Body

Toys and food can be unintentionally breathed at any age, but children between the ages of two and four are most likely to do so. Before it is even discovered, a cough may last for several weeks or months. So make sure everything is hygienic and clean.

Chest Infection

Take your child to the doctor if they have a fever, wet, chesty cough, or other symptoms that indicate an infection. In rare cases, pneumonia can be detected by a fever and a wet, chesty cough.


The inflammation of the throat brought on by exposure to various environmental irritants can result in coughs. Common irritants like car smoke and air pollution can worsen it. So it is always recommended to wear a mask and then leave the house. 

Whooping Cough 

In babies and young children, whooping cough can result in a very dangerous condition. Although the illness is typically less severe in older children, the cough and vomiting can still be quite upsetting. 

Once the more obvious or common causes of cough have been ruled out, several uncommon causes must be considered. Cystic fibrosis, congenital heart disease, heart failure, congenital deformities of the airway, lungs, or significant chest blood arteries are only a few examples.


Your body can get rid of irritants and potentially hazardous bacteria by coughing. Dry coughs in kids can be brought on by a variety of conditions, such as caused by pathogens infections, asthma, allergens, and toxins. Coughs usually go away after 3 to 4 weeks but it also depends on the medical condition of your child. It is always important to note down the symptoms and visit a doctor soon, you never know when your child’s health can deteriorate. By entering your choices in the search title, you may now quickly find any doctor in your region. For example, if you live in the UK then all you have to do is search for a private paediatric respiratory physician in UK. In terms of a city, let’s say Manchester, then all you have to do is search for a paediatric respiratory physician in Manchester or respiratory paediatrician in Manchester. No matter where you live you can get in contact with the best doctors and physicians. Book an appointment only after reading about the clinic and the doctors.

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