Clean Skincare is Better. Here’s Why: 

What Are 'Natural' Skin-Care Products, and Are They Better for You?

Clean skincare is a new and trending movement in the beauty industry that has proven to be better than other skincare types and brands. You should switch up your skincare routine and jump on the ‘clean’ bandwagon for many reasons. However, determining whether you are purchasing the right products can be challenging with online shopping. Many companies claim their products are ‘clean,’ but sometimes their packaging says otherwise. For example, Give Me Cosmetics promotes natural and clean beauty, but there is no way of knowing if this is true until you receive the product. Likewise, Stylevana promotes popular J and K-beauty products across popular beauty brands. Unless you read up on previous customer reviews, there is no way to know whether Give Me Cosmetics UK or Stylevana UK stocks actual ‘clean’ products.

Clean Skincare is Cruelty-Free

A large part of the popularity of clean beauty stems from the fact that people can use their products guilt-free. Essentially, this means that clean skincare brands do not and cannot test their finished products on animals. In fact, they cannot do business with any businesses or brands participating in animal testing. However, it is always best to ensure that a specific brand that claims to be ‘clean’ is certified by Leaping Bunny and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Much of the beauty industry thrives on hurting or harming animals, and clean skincare has presented consumers with an option that is safe and reputable for both humans and animals.

Your Skincare Products are actually “Clean” of Harmful Ingredients

Since the beauty industry sees many self-regulated products, your average beauty product will contain a handful of harmful ingredients. There are a few ingredients to avoid when purchasing products, such as perfume, shampoo, or make-up, such as oxybenzone, parabens, formaldehyde, and phthalates. These ingredients are excluded from clean skincare and beauty and are labelled ‘clean.’ But this is not to be confused with natural beauty, as clean products are still synthetic and contain chemicals. Most importantly, these chemicals are not harmful to humans or animals. Even the packaging for most clean products is sustainable and environmentally friendly. If you are curious about the science behind clean products and how they work, then it is highly encouraged to do further research.

Clean Skincare and Beauty Products Are Vegan

As they already exclude ingredients that are harmful to humans and animals, clean beauty is also inclusive of vegans. This means that vegans can safely use their products as it does not contain any animal by-products. So, no milk or fat has been added as an ingredient. In fact, this is taken a step further by excluding ingredients such as parabens and sulfates. This also ensures that waste ‘clean’ products do not harm animals if they reach sewers or other environments where they will be exposed to animals. This has significantly increased the likability and popularity of the movement, as many vegan and animal advocates would opt for such products.

Is Clean Skincare Beneficial to Your Overall Health?

The short answer is yes; it is beneficial. Beauty products that contain harmful ingredients can cause cancer in a worst-case scenario. Currently, these ingredients will prove detrimental to your health over an extended period of time. For example, sulfates in your shampoo damage your hair and can eventually lead to the decline of your hair’s overall health by stripping it of its natural oils. Purchasing ‘clean’ skincare will see to it that you are using safe and healthy products on your body.

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