Choc orange ginger icy pops – The Brown Paper Bag

Choc orange ginger icy pops – The Brown Paper Bag

Choc orange ginger icy pops

I’ve got the frozen cravings gooooooood. These delicious GINGER CHOC ORANGE ICY POPS are absolutely HEAVEN and definitely solve the cravings in minutes! They’re a yummy little mouthful with plenty of flavour. You can use your choice of ice cream, different types of chocolate, biscuits etc too of course.

To make them:
1. Simply grab your favourite vanilla ice cream or similar (plant based option / dairy free etc etc) and scoop about 12 portions (or however many depending on the people you’d like to serve.
2. Place a wooden popsicle stick in the middle of each, then place on lined tray and back into the freezer to hard set for about 1 hour (this is super necessary otherwise they all melt and fall off the wooden popsicle when dipping in chocolate)
3. Crush about 9 ginger orange almond snaps (I used the yummy Nayker ones which are thin and easy to crush or chop) and set aside. You can use whatever cookie takes your fancy, I just loved this flavour combo with the choc and vanilla ice cream!
4. Just before the hour of setting the ice cream is up, melt about 200g dark chocolate. Once chocolate is melted, dip icy pop in, then roll through the crushed ginger snaps and place on tray. Repeat with remaining.
5. Get them back into the freezer stat to set for another 2 hours or so and then enjoy!


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