Beto O’Rourke ongoing threat to rural health care and education

Rural universities, hospitals, and family members in the South Plains could before long see their telephone and world-wide-web expenses go up anywhere between $25-$175 for each month because Gov. Greg Abbott and his appointees at the General public Utility Commission (PUC) have defunded the Texas Universal Assistance Fund.


That fund is a lifeline for many of individuals in the South Plains. Mainly because of how highly-priced it is for telecommunications companies to supply cellular phone and internet support in really hard-to-get to places, the Common Provider Fund subsidizes individuals suppliers, retaining charges very affordable for rural people. In some places, it is the only purpose Texans are in a position to connect with 911, FaceTime with family members, or do research on the internet.

Even though the state legislature passed a bipartisan bill earlier this 12 months to power the PUC to totally fund the Common Service Fund, Governor Abbott vetoed the monthly bill in June, and the fate of the fund now is dependent on the results of an appellate court docket hearing that took location last week.