Are You In Your Body?

Maybe you’ve already been able to tell this… but I’m “into energy”.

I’m woo-woo.

I believe in soul purposes, and alignment, and intuition, and epiphanies, energy and God/Universe/Life/Spirit/Higher Power/Divine (whatever you want to call it). I work with Chakras. I believe that healing your relationship to your life goes hand in hand with healing your relationship to food. They are unable to be untangled from each other.

So let me talk about something very practical – that is so essential to this Fuck It Diet and normal eating and happy vibrant living- that also has an intense energetic component: being grounded or being in your body.

You’ve heard people talk about this before, right?

The idea of being in your body.

Also known as presence.

Also known as grounding.

Think about this right now: Are you in your body?

Are you actually experiencing what it feels like to be in your body?

Or are you doing everything in your power to avoid it?

Most people do. MOST people avoid being in their bodies to no end. Because it freaks them the f*** out. Being in our bodies makes us come to terms with things we don’t want to have to deal with.

It makes us feel things we want to be able to avoid.

So much information, pain, emotion, trauma, memory, energy… it all gets stored in the body when we aren’t willing or able to deal with it head on and process it. We can’t cope, so we escape the body through our worry, excessive thought, tv, dieting, escape escape escape escape.

We rarely are willing to be in our bodies. Feel them. Breathe. Feel the discomfort. The realness. The anxiety.

It all has stuff to teach us!

All of the feelings, emotions, sensations have things to teach us. And until we are willing to be with them and feel it all, we won’t be able to learn from what’s there and move forward.


This all sort of came together with me when I was taking this energy class that taught us how to work with the chakras.

We were learning about how these different chakra energy portals in our bodies are correlated with all the different aspects of our life, from the very physical, and our relationships, to our heart, our voice, our intuition, all the way up through our connection to the divine, and everything in between.

And when we talked about Grounding, I had one of my clicks. Yes! This makes so much sense! This has SO much to do with The Fuck It Diet!

Grounding is associated with the root chakra. The lowest one. The one that represents and links us to this physical experience. It has to do with food, family, bodies, manifestation and bringing ideas into the physical, and it is all to do with BEING IN YOUR BODY and rooting your energy to the earth.

We are so rarely in our bodies. And it can be so hard to stay in our bodies because we are faced with all of the things and feelings we’ve avoided.

But, we have to start. We can’t keep avoiding living in this body, in this life, now.

(If you like hearing about this kind of stuff, chakras, energy, etc… you can sign up for my little free chakra course and I will update you with energy related Fuck It Diet stuff.

I’m also doing an energy webinar with the wonderful Alexis Saloutos who I studied with next week on Grounding, and will update the people who have signed up for the chakra course.)

2 practical things you can do:

Being in Your Body- 10 minutes

Lie down for 10 minutes and breathe. No distractions. Just feel what it’s like to be in your body, not escaping, for 10 minutes. Be bored if you must. Or let your mind unkink and unwind. Feel what’s there. If anything comes up feel it, if not, chill. Feel your body. Feel what it feels like to be where you are now. There’s not much too this except allowing whatever is to be what it is.

Congrats you just practiced being in your body. This will help when you feel the urge to escape through “vices”: food, dieting, etc – this is practice in feeling what is already there. Instead of trying to escape it.

Grounding- 20 seconds

Take a deep breathe and imagine bringing your energy into your body. If that feels like the most abstract thing you’ve ever heard, I understand. Just pretend you can do it. Just imagine it. Imagine you bringing your energy from wherever it is – wherever it is floating around – into your body.

And feel it there. What does that feel like? Hot? Cold? Tingly? Sore? Moving? Static? (There’s no right or wrong).

Then imagine sending that energy you pulled back into your body also down into the earth. Flow it down through the floor, down through the basement, down through the dirt, into the rocks and spreading into the earth below you.

How does that feel?

You can easily do that grounding visualization in about…. 20 seconds altogether or less.

What do you guys  think about this stuff? Wanna hear more? Sign up for my free little chakra course. And let me know!


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