3 Simple Ways To Make Your Dental Practice More Welcoming

6 Ways To Make Your Dentist Office More Welcoming - From Taking Care of Your  Teeth to Taking Care of Your Practice - Dentaltown

Going to the dentist is a very personal experience and you want to ensure that your patients trust you. One really important way to help this happen is to make your dental practice more welcoming! From their very first impressions to keeping your patients who have been with you for decades happy and comfortable, there are plenty of things you can implement to make your practice a place people are more than happy to keep coming back to. 

So, whether you have a dentist Solihull, Spain or Sweden based, let’s get into it and find out some things you can do to make your dental practice welcoming! 

Make Their Experience As Convenient As Possible

When you go out of your way to make your patient’s experience as convenient as possible, they will naturally feel welcome. So, think about the ways you can make this happen and implement them! This could be a simple online booking system where patients can easily make amendments to their booking to fit around their schedule. 

Perhaps you improve your car park to make sure it’s easily accessible for all sized cars, along with having dedicated spaces for wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs. In terms of the practice itself, you might have a station where your patients can brush their teeth when they’re there, in case they’re coming straight from work. The little things really make the difference when it comes to dentistry! 

Ask Your Patients What They Want

The absolute best way to find out how you can make the experience more convenient and therefore more welcoming is to ask your patients what they are looking for out of your dental practice! You could send out a survey perhaps, or simply ask them during a visit if there are any suggestions they have. Some patients might struggle to think of something on the spot, so maybe hand them a piece of paper and pen and then they can drop the suggestion in a box at reception. You could also have a look at what your competitors are doing, to ensure you’re keeping up with the competition. Don’t just copy though, take inspiration and put your own spin on the idea. 

Offer Flexible Payment Options

If you’re a private dentist, something that can make people feel unwelcome is treatments that are really expensive and completely inaccessible to them. So, show them that you care by offering flexible payment options, including interest free payment plans. People are so much more likely to recommend the practice to friends when they’ve had a really positive experience with you. 

Additionally, when people are having an expensive treatment like All On Four, more often than not, they will need some support to help pay for it. This can completely transform how your patients feel about their experience, which over time with enough patients allows your business to grow comfortably. You can use third party finance providers to make life even easier if needed! 

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