Take your pen and write a beautiful book. Let your pen run on the white pages. Liberating, relaxing, and soothing… It is scrambling to try to explain why the fact to put thoughts in black and white is beneficial, eliminates stress, and remains us calm, but it is worthwhile.

Writing for happiness?

For many reasons, it is beneficial to write. Writing allows people to clarify their ideas and helps them express their feelings, to grieve or to externalize anger, for example.

You can also write in times of crisis. A letter to a person who has caused your anger or hurt you will do the most good.

Besides being a self-help method, writing lets stop and take control. We sometimes lose sight of self awareness of what we live. Writing and reading help us to evaluate our lives and allow us to approach it more calmly.

If writing often accompanies therapy, it may also have other good results: help the completion of a project, for example, or evaluating a situation in time.

Yet it is not necessary to be in crisis or through a painful step for writing. Having delivered our thoughts on paper regularly can prevent a period of depression or a more serious problem.

The traditional writing

The diary is a form of writing which has long been practiced. It is a proven method, which often involve in recounting our life, our joys and sorrows.

To facilitate bereavement, you can write a letter to a missing person in order to set down on paper what you never had time or courage to tell him. The effect is beneficial, even if the recipient will never read the letter.

The “Morning Pages”

While there are various ways to write, to find one that suits us must be first thing to do. The important thing is to speak. It is free for you to do as you wish.

You can write three pages from waking to release your ideas. You then writes unashamedly, without censorship, without thinking that you will read one day. The key is to write, even if one morning the pages are packed with “I do not know what to write.”

This method has nothing to do with the diary. Rather, you have to write automatically, without any restraint. You can throw anything on paper, everything you can think of. To facilitate the flow, make sure that nobody can read your messages, otherwise you will censor yourself and the benefits will be limited.

This line of small or big questions of life, thoughts that pollute the brain, can save hours each day. It’s like space in the hard drive of your computer each morning.

Writing: A bond or pleasure?

However, writing does not interest everyone. What is to write if it becomes an obligation instead of generating a pleasure? If we write out of obligation, the question of performance arises and effects will not be as beneficial as it should be. Some people are not comfortable with this medium. They must then find one that suits them to relax, and release stress as well.

Writing without Borders

Fortunately, there are several ways to unburden ourselves. Besides writing your diary, to express your anger against someone, your desires, you can also write poetry, fiction or articles. But interest is likely to abandon you if the activity becomes boring. The boredom sets by dropping the creation, poetry and playfulness.

Generally, people write by hand, but you can also use the computer keyboard. But you lose the pleasure of the pen that glides on paper… Good writing!