By putting the odds on your side, you ensure a favorable predisposition to happiness through health. Actions that stimulate endorphins, such as sleep, may increase the chances of coming to live in peace of mind. Indeed, several studies show that a period of at least eight hours of sleep per day can promote the status of “good mood” among most individuals. A simple nap of half an hour may improve a state of depression caused by fatigue.


The practice of regular physical exercise is also strongly required for your vitality and mood, as the cardiovascular effort, in addition to causing the secretion of endorphins, reduces stress, a sworn enemy of happiness.

Eat healthy!

A healthy diet consists of foods rich in vegetables, omega-3, folic acid and vitamin C, and it is often cited as a lifestyle that facilitates the vitality and therefore happiness. It was also shown that eating foods rich in carbohydrates, often stigmatized, is necessary for your health, your happiness and your well-being. It should be noted that there are good and bad carbohydrates, whole-wheat pasta are among the former, and sweets and candies, in later category.

Relax yourself with a beauty treatment!

A neat appearance can also give a small boost your mood, since your self-esteem increases, causing greater lightness in your predisposition and lets you feel the joy of living. So why not get a massage and treat yourself to some body care at home or at the institute.


Become a disciple of Epicurus, who could happily succumb to the temptation of comfort food, such as an apple pie straight from the oven! Its fragrance, its warmth, its extremely simple presentation and a taste that will delight you.


Take a deep breath, take in the scent of your surroundings and enjoy the natural essences, which are pleasant to smell like vanilla. The fragrance of the latter may trigger feelings of happiness in an individual through its evocation of childhood.


To create an atmosphere of relaxation and happiness, surround yourself with “beauty”. It has been demonstrated that a balanced and harmonious decor in your home can positively stimulate your senses in everyday life and, therefore, induce in you a sense of well-being, which is undeniable.


Indulge in the joys of music. Indeed, according to a team of researchers from McGill University, music stimulates the same brain regions that are challenged by sexual pleasures or the use of recreational drugs. So go for music!


Welcome. Welcome your business and your hobbies. Indeed, several studies show that an individual who indulges in his passion or a profession often finds himself very stimulates and melts into the action and loses the sense of time and space. It has also been shown that the concentration offers the individual the opportunity to fully live the present moment. A high concentration engages you in what you do to a point where, you no longer feel separated from your immediate activity.


Social exchanges, which cause intellectual stimulation, and complicity filled with family, friends or colleagues are some foods for the soul and, above all, the key to happiness. These exchanges enrich our lives and allow us to make a real human experience devoid of materialism.

Happiness is in action!

In the early twentieth century the American psychologist Abraham Maslow explained that happiness is based largely on the ability to lead your life as you understand it, with maximum efficiency. It seems that people who perceive the need to respond to self-actualization often find themselves very happy. Indeed, to achieve something that has meaning for ourselves, which gives meaning to our life helps us be happy. Set goals and objectives are linked to the feeling of having control over our life, perception that we are the main actor in our lives, not a spectator of it. This concept refers to the path we choose in life, of creativity and accountability. Achieve happiness but not through the imitation of others, but rather in accordance with your wishes and personal goals. Take action now!

Pay it Forward!

The generosity of the gift itself, one of the highest virtues of Buddhism, is based on several beliefs of the secret of happiness. Indeed, altruism would be a bulwark against arrogance and envy, two features that are incompatible with happiness in its purest sense.

Perfect you!

To counteract insecurity, make sure you master your knowledge and hone your skills to gain confidence in yourself. Mastering your skills will strengthen your sense of achievement and therefore will guide you towards a sustainable wisdom.


Let go and get used to enjoying the moment. Surprise yourself by admiring the changing seasons, sunrise or sunset, in all serenity. Take a step back and enjoy it. Learn to live in the pleasures of life regularly!

Did you know?

Meditation, yoga or practicing a relaxation technique can also help achieve internal concentration that leads to fullness and a mood of well-being? Indeed, concentration is the key to happiness, a concentration whose object is inside oneself. Meditation makes us live in the present moment, which becomes an eternal presence. Even the simplest action becomes a moment of joy when we’re focused.