Remember that goals are dreams with a timetable. Our goals are fundamental for us to create a vision, a horizon of meaning that enriches our life. A very common attitude among people who are successful is that their success lies in their ability to provide themselves goals that are both numerous and exciting. When you think about your future, you are helping to feed a long-term vision of what you want to create. Your vision becomes clearer, more precise. You know what you want.

To realize your dreams, you must translate your vision into a series of specific actions that you can begin on as soon as possible. You should be able to measure these results, to make sure they take you wherever you want. And this step should not be viewed lightly! Indeed, very few people set goals and concrete actions for themselves to achieve. Very few people note what they want to accomplish, and know each day whether they have indeed advanced in the direction of their dreams.

One of the secrets that you can get results from is therefore to write down your goals, to dream on paper first. When you give your dreams a form, they become more concrete, and you can refer to them often and easily. Quick access to inside information can help you define your actions and modify these from time to time to make them more efficient. Whenever you read the dreams that you note down, you fill your mind with positive and motivational thoughts.

Unfortunately, many people stop there. They just simply make wishes, hope and wait. These people do not bring positive difference in their lives, because that sort of behavior is just wishful thinking. Success is not at all a miracle. It depends on clear and realistic targets through a vision of abundance: concrete actions and perseverance. Don’t forget, your past does not determine your future. Only your now is your potential!

How to Get What You Want

The pleasure of success is reached when you spend half your time making a habit of thinking about your future, establishing you goals, and taking action to achieve them. Even less-interesting tasks become very motivating when you know they help you get closer to your goals.

When you work for your success, it doesn’t feel like “work”! Whatever it is that you need to do, your actions become exciting from the moment they fit with the vision of what you want. Here are some steps that will help you move a little more each day in this direction and get what you want.

1. Define your goals. Most people do not take the time to think about what they would like in their life. They just go with the flow. So the first step is to choose what you want in each aspect of your life (career, self esteem, relationships, health, and finance). When you make these choices, you clarify your vision and you move in the right direction.

2. Write down your goals. Once you’ve identified your goals, write them down clearly and give yourself the opportunity to evaluate your progress. For example, you can write “I want to quit smoking and exercise at least 4 hours per week.” Once you take the time to write your goals with precision, you give them form, and you know where and how to focus your energy. You get out of the magical thinking of waiting passively for a miracle to happen.

3. Give yourself deadlines. A goal is a dream with a deadline. We must therefore give ourselves timelines! The more your goals and deadlines are accurate, the more you know where to focus your energy through concrete actions. An example is, “Within six months, I’ll do at least two hours of exercise per week, and I smoke under 10 cigarettes a day.” If your goals are general, pare them down into sub-goals, so that you have a schedule for each sub-goal too. You’ll know then if you’re on track, or not!

This strategy has the advantage of making you forget the mountain you must climb to success, and helps you concentrate more on each step of the climb, one at a time. The first thing you start to notice is a series of progressive successes!

4. Split steps. Once you know what to do, determine the most possible concrete actions required to accomplish your goals. Make lists of tasks and organization – in the best possible order. Specify which actions are the most constructive to do in the beginning, middle and end of your timeline. Identify also all that will help you get your results – people, information and experiences, for example.

5. Take action as quickly as possible. Without action, something terrible happens: nothing. That’s why you must take action as quickly as possible. Action will motivate you and show you the way as you go along. People often fail because they neglect this important step. They know what they want and how to get it, but do nothing to achieve it!

6. Persevere every day. You’re almost there, if you took heed of the previous habits! You only have to charge yourself to continue to persevere. You must work do every day to make sure you succeed. Your perseverance in achieving your goals and maintaining your motivation and energy will you provide results on a continuing basis, and increase your determination to live the life you dream of.

When you begin to apply these steps for a while, you begin to think very often about your goals. And this is as normal as it is exhilarating! You will also continue action every day, which will get you closer to your personal success. At this point, you will have ceased to use magical thinking that made you just imagine “What if I were like this?” and “What if my life was like this?” You ask yourself instead, “How can I take the next step, in order for me to achieve?”