Are you tired of seeing all this mess that clutters your environment and feel that you can no longer control it. And, you want to be on top of your business more than ever and you’ve decided to take note? Stop persecuting yourself and adopt some of our daily tips! Towards the end of the month, you’ll be amazed how much your home, your office and your life in general emerges from this serenity!

Start By Making Your Bed

This step may sound simplistic perhaps, but it is definitely the only way to restore calm in the chaos of your bedroom. According to Peter Walsh, author of It’s All Too Much and columnist, “Your bed is the centerpiece of your room, so when you keep it neat everything seems more orderly. If the sheets and blankets take too long to be arranged and represent a conflict and test every day, choose a duvet provided it has a washable cover. Shake the feathers, smooth it off, and voila!”

Everything Is In Twenty Minutes

Rather than allocating an entire weekend to attend to tasks related to storage of your home, aim for smaller and simple projects which are discreet but can be sustained. For example, wash your fridge or file objects from around your room for twenty minutes. When the time is up if you’re free to go for a walk or any other that you have and simple, continue or resume where you left the next day.

Flip Your Wardrobe

Several studies have shown that you use only 20% of clothes in your wardrobe 80% of the time. To free up space, Mr. Walsh proposes to reverse the hangers so that the hook is facing you. As and when you wear clothes, hang the hanger in place to inspect the pieces you wear most often. At the end of the month, you’ll be able to decide which pieces of clothing should be removed and stored in a reserve closet.

Of Pockets for your Trainers

Identify strategic locations (near the entrance) for your everyday items in order to hide or avoid losing them. Never again will you say, “But where did I put my keys?” A charming mini shelf or a pretty bamboo basket is good decorative solutions. There are also plenty of cute little hooks or wall sconces available for your practical Ephemera.

Always Ready to Practice

Prepare two pouches of two gym or sports bags to be ready when one of your appointments is canceled! Keep a fresh set under your work desk and another near the exit door in your home, or in your car, in order to better access it when you go whenever the drive to train rises in you.

Set the table for breakfast

Prepare everything you need for breakfast for the family the night before in order to avoid wasting time looking for jars of jam or sugar when your head still in your dreams. Also cut the fruit for your smoothie. In addition to the usability focus early in the morning, you will not skip this meal essential for nutrient intakes and avoid the eternal muffin, loaded with calories, on the way to work.

Sort! Sort! Sort!

Tired of spending your time sorting your sock drawer and underwear? We strongly recommend removable drawer dividers, for storing your small pieces of clothing and other valuables without disrupting the rest of the drawer. You will also see more clearly!

No more spam

Please have a sticker on your desk that says you do not want circulars. To save our forests! With regard to the essential and important mail, insert it in a discreet pocket in your briefcase and attack it once per week, preferably not on Saturdays!