You stand to win if you clearly specify your long-term vision and goals. And to accomplish what you undertake, first identify what the impact will be of your actions, your decisions on your future goals in your life. This strategy is very useful to help you choose what will be the most positive changes compared to what you want from life.

For example, if you decide to adopt a healthy eating weekly and more exercise sessions instead of just watching television, these decisions and actions of your health will give you great results.

In the short to medium term, you will have more energy, you’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll be proud of yourself. In the long term, you avoid disease, suffering and increase your life expectancy!

Whenever you think long term, you build a little more the future you want. If you decide to put money aside and invest it well, you not only avoid unpleasant surprises when you retire, you also will be richer than you could ever imagine thanks to compound interest. This decision may involve less usefulness in the present, but you will not regret it because you get a lot more in the long term.

But to expect much of the future, we must develop discipline, which is not something very widespread. This discipline is being able to refuse a treat now to get more out of it in the future. We tend to choose the easy and fun short term route. As we do not maintain personal discipline to choose what is truly important in our lives, and act accordingly, we do not get results.

For example, it takes an effort to conserve and maintain our interpersonal and conflict management rather than flee. It is harder to give ourselves goals and work hard to live day by day. To get the life you want requires some effort, but oh, the incredible satisfaction of success!

You can see this discipline among major opera singers, astronauts, medical specialists and successful business leaders. These people had long-term thinking; they were disciplined and worked hard for everything they have today. And society, too, is better because of it.

This discipline requires having a sense of sacrifice. But I know how the word “sacrifice” can frighten some! So what kind of sacrifice? Simply the ability to sacrifice some short-term pleasures for the greater portion of your life. That’s why I’ve already talked about the importance of defining for yourself your goals and priorities.

This strategy allows you to personally choose what you really want in your life. Then you organize your time and activities to make these goals a reality.

The more you define your long-term vision and the more you expect from life, the more you will achieve! I guarantee you that as tough as it may be to give up small daily pleasures in the short-term, the benefits in terms of the motivation you give yourself and the life you build for yourself in the future are outstanding!