Tao, or “the way”, is a Chinese philosophy that teaches one the path of wisdom. Although thousands of years old, the concepts proposed by Tao may, among other things, help you reduce stress and increase your daily energy. This article is to help you discover the virtues that Tao can do for you!

What is Tao?

Tao is primarily a philosophy, and a way of life, whose roots are at the heart of Chinese culture. The concepts associated with “the way” are largely attributable to the philosopher Lao-Tzu, which literally means “old sage”. He is believed to have lived 300 years before Christ. Lao-Tzu is also the author of the Tao-te-Ching, or “Book of the Path of Virtue.” In this book, Tao is associated with nature, which Lao-Tzu called “the mother of ten thousand things.” Since the time of Lao-Tzu, Tao has also spawned a religion, and has contributed to the development of the arts and traditional medicine in China.

What does it do?

The primary goal of Taoism is to foster a long life – and a natural death – in a perfect balance with nature. Discipline in life is suggested, to guard against desire and intense pleasure, seen as often unhealthy; against wealth, power and rivalry, which promote stress, fatigue, and the risk of bringing death prematurely.

Tao encompasses everything. What is born of Tao is doomed to death: to return to her breast. In this manner, Tao is associated with movement, and perpetual return. Nature does not act itself, but through it, all happens. That’s why the best method of “the way” is “non-action.” The method does not promote inaction, but rather an attitude that is consistent with the essence of nature.

To follow the path of Tao means to premeditate nothing, but simply move towards the path of creation, that of the opposition of yin and yang. The complementary principles of yin and yang are represented in a circle, where each element seems to “pursue” the other. Yin is associated with the earth in the shade, at night, at rest and in passivity. In turn, Yang symbolizes the sky, light, day, and action.

Any growth through Tao is seen as a creative phase, calling for an opposition of positive and negative dimensions. This can be seen in terms of the human body’s cycle: one cannot become pregnant without having first been a child oneself; one cannot have been a child without having been born; one cannot have been born if one’s mother not been pregnant, an adult, a child, and born herself and so on.

Cultivate balance and health with Tao

Dr. Bin Hu, who practices traditional medicine in the specialty’s hospital in Beijing, says that Taoist meditation and breathing exercises promotes the healing of many diseases, extending beyond those just of psychosomatic origin.

Tao promotes practical exercises (Qigong, Tai Chi, etc.) and meditation, as they bring greater vitality to the organs of the body by activating energy. The practice of these exercises increases longevity, and also secures a better quality of daily life. Tao is the path to reconnect with our essence. The meditation and breathing techniques allow us to better focus and raise our consciousness. These practices provide physical and psychological benefits, including a greater presence in ourselves and our environment.

Movements are inspired from traditional Tao spiritual teachings. One of their characteristics is to alternate phases of activity and relaxation, like yin and yang. This type of exercise promotes the circulation of vital force, eliminates stagnation, and restores energy by harmonizing with all parts of what we are.

The physical benefits of this practice are numerous. In addition to improved functionality of the glands and organs, it can promote healing of various symptoms (headache, fatigue, digestion problems, stomach aches, and so on) thanks to a better flow of energy in the body. Let’s not forget the psychological benefits via Tao, as a state of inner calm that helps to maintain clear thoughts and more positive.

Breathe with Tao

You will discover the special relationship that respiration has with the physiological, psychological and spiritual you. Every day, you can develop your breathing throughout your body to improve your health, increase your energy level and help you live better.

Eat with Tao

You can engage in the way of balance from your plate. But the target exceeds the supply, because it helps you realign your life and enjoy every day in the best of health. Tao suggests respecting nature by following his pace and strength alone. This vision will help you develop your menus, to find food to improve your energy level, and eating and respecting the creative opposition of yin and yang. By getting to know yourself, you can identify the foods best for your age and health.


By consulting the rich teachings of Chinese medicine, one can find comprehensive and progressive meditation exercises both. Some of the effects you can expect are very positive: improved blood circulation, regulated blood pressure, reduced stress, a better ability to focus, improved memory, more restful sleep, and so forth. Overall, it is your ability to heal that you boost.


Lao-Tzu, Tao-te-Ching