Advice from a Naturopath

We cannot say it enough: in summer, you need to stay hydrated. To the naturopath, this is the most important thing to remember if you want to achieve optimal health. When the body is dehydrated, you feel tired. The body needs to be hydrated for its vital functions.

If you are active, adding electrolyte powder in your water is recommended. You will recover faster and avoid muscle cramps, in addition to compensating for the vitamins and minerals lost in sweat.

Naturopaths recommend that you include the sun in a positive way in your life. The sun is life. Thanks to it, our body produces Vitamin D. One can benefit from this before 11 am and after 2 pm.

Essential oils are also useful. Put a few drops of lavender on your pillow, and the next day you will be calmer. There are also forms of essential oils good for ear infections (common in swimmers).

Advice from a Homeopath

The homeopath believes that in summer, the first thing to do to be healthy, is to eat right: which means to eliminate animal products and eat mostly plants. We eat to strengthen the body and gain more energy; meat products remove energy instead. The consumption of refined sugar too brings down the immune system.

The homeopath recommends a simple little trick to be at the best of your health: take time to breathe. Four or five times a day, be aware of the tension in your body, and stop to breathe and release these tensions. This will reduce your stress levels and pamper your body and your brain. Your breaths should be abdominal, slow and conscious.

You can consult a homeopath if you want to rebalance your body before summer. If you had a lot of flu or gastroenteritis during the winter, your system may be weakened. A homeopath can provide a custom solution that will strengthen and increase your vitality, and eliminate the debilitating effects of winter viruses. This type of remedy also helps those who are struggling to cope with heat and have intolerance to sunlight.

Emergency medicines sold in pharmacies will help you in case of sports injuries, burns, sprains or heat stroke.

Advice from a Life Coach

One should certainly not neglect one’s psychological health. The life coach believes that the most important thing in general is to learn about each other. “People do not take time for them to ask themselves what they want to do, to get satisfaction at the end of their day.”

In the morning, before jumping out of bed, take a few minutes to ask yourself what your intention is for the day. The act of listening to your needs will raise the level of your confidence and your self-esteem.

Enjoy the summer to catch some fresh air, go to the forest or simply contemplate nature. This will refocus and calm you. Meditation and yoga will also help you be less stressed. The life coach mentions that it is important to take some time for yourself during the day. If we all did it every day, it would transform our lives.

It takes time to appreciate what we have, rather than what we don’t. The more one appreciates these, the more life brings us something else to enjoy. If one focuses on the lack, there is a lack of energy and that we need.

The life coach adds that in order to have good morale, we must surround ourselves with people with whom we get along with, doing activities that we love and not by obligation, and simply have fun. This is what will raise your energy levels and create the taste to advance further. It is also important to sleep well. A life coach can help to defuse the fears and blockages that prevent you from advancing in your life.