Here are some strategies that will improve your flexibility and efficiency. It will help you increase your free time and your levels of satisfaction, will help you answer the pragmatic question: what works best?

Identify and Eliminate Repetitive Daily Actions that Waste Your Time and Effort

Eliminate, as much as you can, those tasks that do not help towards achieving your objectives or your long-term vision. You do not have to take everything on your shoulders. You can delegate certain tasks, especially those that do not fit your skills or your goals. Proceed slowly and you’ll see that you will have more time to devote to rest and goals that really count.

Plan Your Leisure and your Free Time

So you’ve applied the strategies of continuous improvement, and your efficiency has increased along with the quantity and quality of your results? Superb! But the idea is not to run faster and faster towards a burn-out.

Your personal achievement also depends on your quality of life. You must therefore set aside time to relax and spend some quality leisure time. During these periods, cast aside your other responsibilities completely. This will relax you deeply, and you will have better personal resources to resume work thereafter.

Maintain an Awareness of Every Thing You Do

It is very easy to follow your daily habits. But the more you apply the strategies of continuous improvement to your life, the more you will become aware of everything you do and how each comes into contact with others in the light of your objectives. Pay close attention to what you do.

More and more, your focus on your efficiency will increase. You’ll spend 100% of your resources to accomplish each activity without being distracted. I have personally seen what this positive difference has had in increasing my concentration on my work. For example, today I can write articles with a higher speeder and better quality of text than when I wasn’t paying as much attention to my level of concentration.

The more you focus your efforts on what you control, the more you will avoid wasting them in unnecessary concerns – and the more you will get in terms of results. You’ll also have more fun at work. This profound change in your attitude and your activities will free up time to invest in what matters most to you. It is then that you can really taste the exponential power of continuous improvement. You’ll be more productive, and more rested. You’ll have managed to have your cake and have eaten it too!

But our journey is not over yet. In the following sections, you will learn to transform strategic planning into a powerful tool to realize yourself in every aspect of your life!