Success is to love what you do and have a clear idea of what we want to do with our life.
Ernie Zelinski

Let me tell you a little story full of knowledge. An old collector, one day, found a bed that came from a distant land in the East. He was told that the bed had belonged once to a famous magician, and that it contained some of the powers of its deceased owner. The collector said, “Well, I’ll take it, so that I feel a bit like the magician!” He then bought and placed the bed in his bedroom.

The day after the first night in his new bed, the old collector awoke. He was very hungry. “I’d love to eat pancakes in syrup,” he said. Then, something wonderful happened. A full breakfast, some tasty pancakes included, appeared on a small table before him. The bed was indeed very magical. It could grant wishes!

After eating the pancakes, overflowing with happiness, the old collector said he would take a nap. “Wouldn’t it just be the worst thing, though, if the house caved in while I slept?,” he mused. Instantly, the whole house began to shake, and then caved in, killing the collector instantly.

What can we learn from this story? We are all our own magic bed. We can grant our own wishes – the best, and the worst. Hence, the importance of realizing our dreams without letting our worries undermine our efforts to materialize our dream life!

Become an Expert to Find the Path to Success!

You already know the importance of planning in terms of getting results. It is how you can adopt strategic planning for your situation, instead of letting the days go by without building the life you want to live. Like punctuality, strategic planning is not innate in people.

But the good news is that we can all learn to use it effectively. And when we use it, it’s as if we were driving a race car to move forward towards our goals. Before – without strategic planning – we only had our feet to take us to our dreams.

Why are a good plan and a good strategy so important? To answer this question, imagine a dynamic company where everything was absolutely fine until the day it saw its profits stagnating. It then decided to offer employees training on strategic planning.

Initially, the participants did not see what the deal was with strategic planning. Yet, as the training progressed, their thoughts began to become clear. Strategic planning, they realized, allowed them to know themselves better, learn about their business, and precisely develop the future that they wanted.

After some time, the participants had a light-bulb moment. They became aware that the past success of their business was largely due to favorable market conditions that combined the dynamism of the market, luck and hard work. When those conditions changed, their profits did, too.

What emerged from this strategic planning exercise? At the end of the training, participants were given a set of realistic objectives and actions to undertake in the coming months to correct the adverse situation they started off with. Needless to say, results followed in turn.

After some time, the turnover of the company increased, and the participants knew they could attribute these results to strategic planning, because hardly had they begun to apply the steps of their plan that success came knocking again at the door.

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