Imagine your Future

You aren’t as happy now as you potentially could be. What you do today really does need to help you achieve things continually all your life. It also requires you to make sure that what you do today will still be relevant in 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years. How can your goals, your actions and your vision adapt over time?

You can succeed if your business is currently adapted to the context in which you operate. This is the “scissors effect”. But if you aren’t evolving at the same time as your company, you may be disadvantaged in the future.

To be even more successful, you must remain constantly aware of the changes that occur in your area. By imagining your future, you can build plans intelligently to this concept. By becoming aware of your experience and your knowledge, and changing your goals, talents, and motivation, you set the context for the life of your dreams.

The fact of paying attention to how you evolve is very important. Why? Because what you do today can greatly multiply itself as you progress. Often, we dare not imagine how far we can go if we spend time and determination on an issue. When your expertise, your results and your confidence increase, you will not see things the same way!

Staying in tune with your environment and promoting yourself will lead to a genuine success. Will you keep doing what you do now? What changes could you contribute to your future success? What changes will you bring about in your personality to become the person who lives the life he dreams of?

Remember, if things do not currently meet your expectations, it is because of the way you see your life, and the decisions you have taken. If you take responsibility for your life now, you can change everything!

Build on Your Strengths

What are the areas in which you excel? What are your strengths? How can your skills help you get the results you want, and in what context? What do you do particularly well in, and with great ease? The most successful people not only know their strengths but also take advantage of them, and use them to learn, every day.

Can your strengths help you excel in your field? What skills can you develop that will give you real benefits in your activities, as against your goals? Are there any skills that you need to move to the next level in, in order to reach the top of your field? How are these skills linked to your existing strengths?

If you answer these questions, you will have inside information on how to capitalize on your strengths and take advantage of the Law of Accelerating Returns with efficiency and success.

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