The tradition resumes every year. We make resolutions and hope that in the New Year we will be revamped to improve what we do not appreciate in our lives. But did you know over 95% of people do not follow their resolutions? Why is that? Are there any strategies that help you to successfully achieve your goals?

If you’re one of those who abandon their resolutions in the early months of the New Year, read this! It will give you helpful hints so that you do not have to repeat the same good intentions year after year.

Have a plan

When you want to travel, do you think you will not decide where you go or what path you will take? Obviously not, otherwise you will not get anywhere! That is what you get whenever a resolution is taken, but you do not clearly determine the means that will take to you success. To achieve a goal, you must have a clear and progressive plan that will tell you whether or not you are moving in the right direction.

Measuring Results

Oscar Wilde said that good intentions are like checks without funds. He was right! The fact is that we often set goals without really know how we will achieve them. Shortly after we are going to forget them and resume our daily routine…

How do we usually see if we have scored? We compare the previous situation with the current situation and measure the difference. When do you usually check whether you followed your resolutions or not? At New Year of the following year! Most people, therefore, measure only once in a year if they have made progress. Not so effective at all… It is therefore essential to empower you to achieve your goals and check as often as possible if you move in the right direction.

Did you know that one of our inaction is that we really get tired? It undermines our motivation and desire to achieve.

The greatest pleasure of self-realization is the process through which we accomplish our goals, even more often the results we get.

Give yourself motivating goals

The way you formulate your goals also influence your motivation. Imagine if the only purpose you give in life is to pay your bills each month! You may not be so keen to get up in the morning… We all have the right to dream. Napoleon Hill, one of the pioneers of self-realization said a goal is a dream with a deadline.

For inspiration, try this strategy. Take an objective close to your heart but you have difficulty to achieve. Get fit and lose weight, for example. To avoid interruption after two months of excellent habit you have signed up for a gym. Think about all the benefits you will get to exercise regularly.

You lose weight, you’ll feel better in your body, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, etc. Then, think about what you will lose if you do not realize your goal. You keep your excess pounds and you may take others make you feel guilty for having stopped a salutary exercise that you know will increase the risk of suffering from serious diseases.

This little exercise is to always keep in mind why we make a goal. Being aware of the advantages and disadvantages give you reasons to continue and make you succeed!