The tools that I have presented in previous articles can be very useful. I do find myself, for that matter the enthusiasm of the people I coach, that they begin to feel that they regain power over their lives! The sparkle and wonder in their eyes shows how many small changes can make all the difference.

You already have great power, but it explodes when you decide to use it better by taking concrete initiatives. When you take action, you start to believe you can revolutionize your life, and it is this belief which then allows you to succeed!

It is easy to read articles like these. What is really difficult is to update its content in every application. When reading strategies and personal management, and time management, you may feel that the lives of those who use them are set as a Swiss clock, leaving no room for freedom or chance.

If so, they fail miserably to live the values that matter most to heart and be happy. However, imbalance alone does not lead to happiness. A day that is too regulated will not necessarily aside beautiful aspects of life. In other words, do not go crazy with efficiency! Because the effects of continuous improvement are gradual, and one must never stop to enjoy the present moment.

I have presented a wide range of strategies you can use. Retain only those that best suit your personality and that are relevant to your goals. Time management and priorities, when properly used, should reduce the pains of life by adding value!

And here’s one last question I ask. Why do you want to achieve? Of course, for yourself. But what you will taste in success? (okay, I guess it’s rather two questions) When you gaze at the sky from the top of a mountain, ask yourself if you managed that yourself. Can you really succeed just for yourself? (fine, three questions then!)

No truly successful person does it solely for his personal benefit. If so, life quickly becomes meaningless and miserable. The vision becomes too limited.

The fact that you care about others is an endless source of satisfaction. This is love, a source to nurture life. Once you have achieved all the goals you want for yourself, do not forget to share with others what you receive!

At this point, you have passed the stage of personal achievement to reach that excess staff. This is the dimension that is the most accomplished and most “spiritual” in this great process in which you’re engaged. Transcendence fundamentally affects the direction and mission that you give your life and participates in the collective work of humanity.

That’s what sums up the phrase “Pay it Forward.” The more and more you improve your motivation, the more you will also want to talk to others and help them. In short, you’ll want to give back a hundredfold what you have received (while keeping what you have: confidence, esteem, joy, satisfaction, etc.).