Once upon a time in Japan, there lived a servant who served his master every day with precision and affection. One day, while serving the meal, he dropped a few crumbs of food on the lord who was invited to the table with his master. He apologized profusely; however, he said to the servant: “You will cross swords with me tomorrow, and you will pay with your life this blunder!”

The servant was disappointed. He knew nothing about fighting with swords. Fortunately, he had an old samurai among his friends and went to see him. During their conversation, the old samurai, who was also a wise man, said to the servant:

“Tomorrow, when you measure yourself to the Lord, take your sword firmly in combat position, and your level your eyes to your opponent’s, adopting them in a gaze of concentration and calmness that characterizes you as usual.”

The servant thanked his friend for his advice and prepared for the next day. When the hour of battle came, the servant adopted exactly the position that his friend had advised. The Lord was initially surprised by an attitude as serene as his. Then the Lord began to be frightened by this turn of events. “Maybe he is a master of martial arts,” he said. “I took a risk that I’ll regret!”

When in doubt, the Lord chose to abstain. He drew his sword in its sheath and apologized for his defiance of the domestic, claiming a misunderstanding, and quickly left the scene.

This story shows how concentration and determination can overcome many difficulties. If you cultivate calmness and concentration, you will find that these attitudes are essential assets in the way of your personal achievement.

All the potential lies in yourself. This, you already know. But are you convinced of it? The fact is that your potential is unlimited if and only if you believe and you act towards drawing on it. The best insurance against failure and the difficulties –lies within you. You can grow your potential to infinity to produce the results you really want in your life.

However, you will agree with me that it is easy to crumble. It is also easy to simply respond to everyday concerns and events without taking any long-term vision. To avoid becoming disorganized and forgetting your vision, follow the secret of the samurai. This secret lies in concentration.

Like a sword that can cut through the toughest of materials, your concentration and determination can overcome the most ambitious goals. Without efforts on focusing on your goals, you lose your impact and your efficiency, and you waste your resources by not realizing what is really important.

If you follow the advice of the samurai, you’ll also see that it is important to cultivate your concentration and do not scatter your energy. To help yourself do this, think often of your vision. It will help you refocus.