Some people say that they suffer from pressure at work and some others feel this pressure at home, at school, in their sports and social environment. By confessing the truth about their feelings, they will discover what they feel about that pressure. And as it is sometimes difficult to express their feelings on a subject they are experiencing, it becomes interesting to see what are the pressures they experience in all other areas of their life, work, family, family, school, sports, etc.

The intellectual analysis of the experiences reveals that the same pressure is present in every area of life, even if it manifests itself in different ways and to varying degrees of intensity. What a pleasant discovery! We do not face many difficult situations at once, but one whose manifestations differ in every area of life. It is then the same emotional feeling for situations experienced in the same period of time. This greatly simplifies the discovery and recognition of emotional stresses that causes discomfort and illness.

What You Resist it Persists. What You Observe Disappears

Once the emotion is recognized, not only the physical condition improves, but also any situation related to that same feeling. The reason is simple: conflict and physical ailments are connected by the same emotional factor.

This factor is the vibration that is emitted by fear, anxiety, guilt, etc. It takes only one complication in our lives, however small it may be, for us to get an old feeling that has always been known (e.g.: Fear of being ridiculous). Once this fear is felt, the vibration emitted by it grows and becomes active in stressful situations, which in turn results in various ailments.

The interior has as much impact as the color of the outside environment. Accordingly, the interior of a home, a workplace and any other place reflects the emotional state of those who inhabit these spaces. So, it is easy to imagine the effect of vibration on emotional health and physical body. Therefore, we have a certain responsibility with regard to our physical condition. This is good news, since now we have the opportunity to transform and improve what does not suit us.

Back Home, Back to Health

Improve conflict and break free from external pressures to minimize their impact on physical health. How to achieve this goal? By the return to self and internal communication to discover the underlying emotions. The methods and products currently offered are excellent and do their part to improve our health. It is now our responsibility to recognize the place of the emotional factor. The awareness of emotion and its effects has emerged as a complement to other steps taken: body therapy, psychological or energetic, exercise, food, etc.

Once we recognize the truth about ourselves, we experience that our inner harmony is restored. This state of joy is reborn and helps us to live and participate in the performance desired: health destination.

Get in Touch with Yourself and Discover the Hidden Emotion

Contacting yourself is as simple as picking up the handset and dialing a number to have a conversation with yourself: just breathe. This breathing is being done quietly and makes us aware of all movements: inspiration, expiration and retention.

  • “I’m afraid.”
  • “Afraid of what?”
  • “Fear of losing.”
  • “What am I afraid of losing?”
  • “Fear of losing everything.”
  • “What does “everything” mean for me?”
  • “I’m afraid of losing my wife. I made a mistake and I’m afraid she will leave me”.
  • “I’m afraid of feeling lonely and lost without her. If I lose, her it will be as if I lost everything.”