Prevention and early detection are the main keys to health. Yet, listening to body signals often begins when illness strikes.

Health professionals rarely hear “Since this morning …” Typically, symptoms of concern are not new; they are neglected and are not found before a diagnosis that can be often alarming. Just like the way passengers in an express train at full speed, only wake up during a derailment.

Too much patients even sacrifice their health for the benefit of their bad habits, arguing that, sooner or later, they will die anyway. Sudden deaths are rare, seen more frequently in people losing their autonomy, who are now unable to fully enjoy life.

Today, science offers a chance for individuals who once would have lost a will to survive, but under what conditions? Also, those who die at older ages have not been confronted with multiple risk factors faced by the new generations.

For example, did you know that the presence of abdominal fat whether one is overweight or not, constitutes a risk for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and other serious illnesses.

A Healthy Lifestyle

It is very rare for a person to not know the principles of a healthy lifestyle. The major problem is not that we do not know which of our habits undermine our health, but we do not want to change them and make an effort. We often look for readily available miracle solutions. We often endure pain, without consulting a therapist, thinking that it will pass by itself, but in fact, there is an aggravation. Preserving your health requires a daily investment in healthy lifestyles, but also to look for physical, psychological and emotional signs. According to the signals, there is a specific response: a change in habits or appropriate therapy.

Healthy Nutrition

Everyone knows that nutrition as well as physical exercise exerts a decisive influence on the health and wellness, thus helping to reduce the incidence of several serious health problems, including cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and obesity. The prevalence of overweight and obesity among adults has increased by almost 50%. There has been no improvement in these statistics and therefore obesity poses a major challenge to the entire community.

The doctors still maintain the body as the main source of reference. It can self-detect its weaknesses, its problems and recognize the need to consult a nutritionist before you get there! The warning signs are many: lack of energy, persistent fatigue, shortness of breath, dark circles, dry skin, headaches, food cravings, brittle nails, increasing waist circumference (more accurate than weight), digestive problems, obsession with food, eating disorders, etc.

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