Strategic planning is not in itself very complicated. And it is useful to an individual person as much as to an organization. The important point is that it saves time, money and avoiding repeating mistakes. I will now show you how to benefit from strategic planning to add leverage to your results. The exercises and questions that I invited you to ask yourself in the other sections of this “Smart Goal Setting” section, you may have already explored.

As you apply this “formula”, you will find yourself moving ever faster toward your goals. At the same time, you become fully aware of your success since you have taken the habit of measuring your results, which will also nourish your motivation!

Your goal with strategic planning is to reorganize your initiatives and actions to increase the quantity and quality of your results. In other words, to better use the resources you have.

The First Step in Strategic Planning

In this section and those that follow, I’ll present the various steps that enable you to apply strategic planning to your career, your goals, your health, and your business. Each step raises questions that are important to answer.

In fact, things often stop getting better simply because we see reality in a way that is most appropriate. We are no longer updated. Thoroughly answering these questions can make such radical changes positive ones.

Specify Clearly the Purpose of Your Business and Your Goals

Several important questions follow here, that ask you what you do. What role do you serve in society? What is your career like, and do you get paid for exactly what you do? We can all see ourselves as a company in oneself. A small company, with a boss and an employee in one person: ourselves. And what does a company do? It is mainly used to solve some problems of its customers.

We first identify the problems that we are able to adjust. Next, we ensure that our way of solving problems is consistent with our values and our vision: this is the best direction to go in for our efforts to succeed.

For example, my vision is the most general: to help people improve their lives while improving my own. The purpose of my activities is not to simply give lectures, training, coaching, and writing articles, but rather to help people improve their lives.

To define clearly the purpose of your goals, you must think about the results that your actions, your activities, your products and services have on others and on society. The better you serve this purpose, the easier you will achieve success. By identifying the purpose of your goals, you enrich your perspective. You discover opportunities you had not thought of before.

At the same time, make sure your goals and your activities take you where you want to go. If there are aspects of your life that displease you make you feel regret, this is an opportunity to change direction. You can stop doing what you dislike, and free up time to do what you like.

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