If you work backwards and still don’t enjoy your work change jobs! Maybe it’s because you lack of organization at work or maybe is it the people around that slow your drive. Whether you work full or part time, you spend several hours per week in your workplace. It is important to ensure that your office is enjoyable and stimulating!

How is your work environment, physically and people-wise? Is it a burden for you to have to go to the office, day after day? Do you end your days with impression feeling that time has slipped through your fingers and you do not know exactly where it went? How can we manage to be happy and effective at work? First, we must analyze the environment in which we operate, to be able to make appropriate changes.

A nice work environment will stimulate your creativity and give you energy. Look around and see what could be improved. Ideally, you will have at least one window that provides natural light. Otherwise, consider changing the colors that adorn the walls, so as to brighten up a dark place. Although it is underestimated, adequate lighting will reduce your eye strain. Green your environment with plants that require little maintenance. Try to surround yourself with personal photos, to remind you that not only do you have a life outside of work, but also a family to go back to.

Who are the other people who work with you every day? Are they pleasant or unpleasant? Try to eliminate the second category from your circle. A team that is too competitive will always keep you on your toes, and breed mistrust and bitterness. Decide that you want to be happy at work and plan your priorities accordingly.

Where are the minutes you seem to lose every day? Do you often spend additional time to tackle your tasks ? You may be a victim of poor time management. There are several little things that we do every day that seem harmless, but when put together, become a big waste of time.

Wave work

Make a list of priorities for your day and set a routine in your work, because not planning your work amounts to a waste of time. Indeed, planning helps you focus on work and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you complete the activities you had planned. It also allows an overview of tasks and puts into perspective the work that lies ahead.

The organization and colleagues

There are some people who do not have enough sensitivity and respect to notice that you’re busy and do not wish to be disturbed. Perhaps, it is because, unintentionally, you create an environment that invites such people. When you want to work undisturbed, you should let them know. Close the door and pull the blinds on windows facing the corridor. Otherwise, install a placard that says “Do Not Disturb.”

Long Breaks

If your breaks should last fifteen minutes, limit yourself to that period of time. If you have difficulty keeping track of time, set an alarm on your watch after fourteen minutes.

The computer

Browsing the Web can easily take up a lot of your time if you do not set clear goals. Keep in mind exactly what you want and most importantly, know how to research effectively. In addition, be careful not to disclose your email address liberally.


Delays can make you lose time from work. Be careful!

Personal work

Whether we speak of personal telephones, Internet searches, reading, emails, all of these prevent you from doing the work for which you are paid. When you complain about lack of time, ask yourself if you do things unrelated to work. You may be surprised.

Other causes

Extra work, a disorganized office, misplaced files, physical limitations such as tendonitis, hay fever, persistent pain, back pain and poor eyesight, are all factors that eat into your time and decrease your ability to work. Make necessary adjustments and take care of yourself!

To foster harmony in the workplace

It is possible to bring a new energy into your work environment. Here’s how you could cherish colleagues that you like and make efforts towards others:

  • Celebrate Birthdays.
  • Send nice emails.
  • Praise colleagues on a new project.
  • Invite for a meal.
  • Share homemade cookies.
  • With the approval of your bosses, get a table of honor in the break room to celebrate the successes of each colleague.
  • Buy a croissant and coffee for a work mate.
  • Organize social gatherings a few times a year.

Did you know?

A survey found that surfing the Internet for personal reasons accounts for 55% of lost time during working hours.


To avoid gossip, ask these questions to the person who is trying to denigrate another:

1. Is this true?

2. Is it useful?

3. Does it feel good?

4. Is this relevant?

5. Is the person concerned aware of what you’ll say?

If either answer is no, ask the person not to continue, as it will bring nothing constructive. Stay away from this colleague.

With these small l steps, you can bring harmony back into your workplace.