You think about getting a new mattress, box spring and pillow, but you do not know how to make your choice? Health & Happiness Magazine helps you make the right decision!

Since we spend about eight hours a day in bed, it is important to choose the mattress, box spring and pillow that suit us. We give you some tips and suggestions, whether to opt for the synthetic or environmental friendly anti allergic products.

What is A Good Mattress?

You must choose your mattress according to your weight, your size and your preferences. A good mattress must be straight and must not make hollow. It is not true that a harder mattress is better for people who have tension in the back.

A good mattress allows the muscles to relax during the night. It must marry the curves of the spine and body. If it’s too soft, the muscles contract because there is not enough support for bone mass, and if it is too firm, muscles cannot relax.

The firmness of the mattress and the level of flexibility in the surface are two criteria to monitor. You are advised to choose a firm mattress with a soft mattress. It needs enough strength to remain upright and the flexibility to reduce the pressure points.

The Spring Mattress: For or Against?

It is best to avoid the springs, which exert too much pressure on the body and quickly dig. People allergic to dust mites should avoid the springs, as dust accumulates in the springs.

Others who prefer the spring mattress, as it adapts more quickly to the position one takes. Bonnell springs type are tied together and all move together. They offer good support, but you can feel the movements and they cause a lot of pressure points.

The springs are attached to continuous thread from top to bottom. When you move, the movement affects only you. These mattresses provide more support because the springs are closer to the center.

There are also pocket sprung mattress, attached to each other. This type of mattress adapts more to the body shape and you will not even feel the movements of your spouse. We would recommend them even if they are slightly more expensive.

A good spring must have a size (size) 13 to 14.5”. A king (or queen) bed mattress king is very good if it contains 800 springs and more.

The Foam Mattress or Latex

Mattress “memory foam” must have a minimum of three inches thick, with a density of at least 5.3 pounds per cubic foot foam. A minimum of six inches is required only for a latex mattress. If it is latex and foam, it must contain three inches of foam and a latex foam base of triple density of at least 2.5 pounds per cubic foot.

Latex mattresses and those with memory foam are the most durable, but they are more expensive than those made with springs.

With or Without Spring?

It is not necessary to purchase a mattress if you have a good bed base and you can opt for a foam mattress. However, it is strongly recommended to buy a simple mattress if you have a spring mattress. Some stores include both the mattresses in the price of a single mattress. There are different kinds of mattresses: spring, wood, foam and lattes.

A mattress takes 75% of the shock whenever it goes down. If you do not use it, it diminishes them a year or durability of the spring mattress.

What is a Good Pillow?

A good pillow should be of the thickness of the shoulder and have good head support. Avoid pillows that tap after a few hours of sleep, such as feather pillows. Opt instead for a pillow with foam particles.

You can also choose latex pillows, which remove the pressure points and can be kept longer because they do not change form. We also love those who are made of memory foam, which does not cause pressure points and are firmer. Choose pillows that are soft and moldable, but keep the neck as straight as possible.

If you sleep on your side, you should put a pillow under the thighs and upper arms (also recommended during pregnancy).

Orthopedic Pillows

It is recommended to opt for an orthopedic pillow with curved neck if you have a sore neck. An orthopedic pillow, makes sure that you will always have a good support for your head, no matter how you sleep. Everyone should sleep with this type of pillow, because it supports the natural curve of the cervical region.

Suggestions for Mattresses


1. Type: Natural latex and organic wool (Natura).

Properties: It favors ventilation, protects sensitive areas, requires less turning, provides good support, molds according to the body, does not soften, is hypoallergenic and thermo.

Price: Between $1,199 and $4,999, depending on size.

2. Type: Memory foam composed of essential oils, plant extracts, water and tree sap, with a rubber and foam core of natural latex (Essentia).

Properties: It helps to breathe, is hypoallergenic, reduces pressure points, quickly adjusts to body shape, with less turning around.

Price: Between $1,500 and $5,000.

3. Type: Pocket coil, memory foam made from soy and latex.

Properties: We do not feel the movements and it eliminates pressure points.

Price: Between $2,500 and $5,000.

4. Type: Memory foam made from soy.

Properties: We do not feel the movements, it removes pressure points, and takes some time to relocate the shape of the body.

Price: between $2,000 and $4,000 USD.


Type: memory foam plastic.

Properties: It relieves the pressure, the body mold is warmer, we do not feel the movements.

Price: between $1,495 and $2,850.

The mattresses come in different levels of firmness.

Here Are Some Pillows That Might Suit You


1. Type: Quilted organic wool and covered with organic cotton (Natura).

Properties: It is firm, good support for the neck, hypoallergenic, moisture wicking.

Price: between $90 and $140.

2. Type: Padded natural latex and covered with organic wool and organic cotton (Natura).

Properties: Soft, it provides a sensation similar to feathers, mold face.

Price: between $90 and $140.

3. Type: Natural memory foam, composed of essential oils, plant extracts, water and sap of the rubber tree (Essentia).

Properties: It is a good neck support, hypoallergenic, medium firmness.

Price: Between $150 and $200.


1. Type: Plastic memory foam.

Properties: It relieves the pressure, suitable for those with sore neck and shoulders that are sensitive, as it is firm.

Price: between $95 and $200.

2. Type: Polyester (Hollofil).

Properties: It supports neck, is compact, strong, washer washable however, crashes over time.

Price: About $75.

3. Type: Gel.

Properties: It is fresh, soft, medium firm, offers good support.

Price: around $195.

The pillows come in different firmness, thickness and shapes.

Are you Allergic to Dust Mites?

Try the mattress made of cozy Natura organic wool padded and covered with organic cotton. The wool absorbs 30% of its weight in moisture and evaporates it into the air, creating an anti-allergic environment which is cool and dry.

You can buy a mattress dust mite protector, made of polyurethane and covered with cotton, which resembles a fitted sheet, which is removable and machine washable. However, it does not block to mites 100%, so if you are severely allergic, choose a Go-Zip dust mite mattress or pillow. It is a bag that is wrapped in the mattress or pillow and it closes with a zipper.

The organic Natura mattress costs between $200 and $240.You will have to pay $390 for cozy organic Natura. A dust mite mattress dust mite (regular) will cost you between $60 and $95, while a Go-Zip mattress can cost between $120 and $150.You will have to pay $56 for a package of two pillow covers from Round-Zip.