At the heart of yourselves, now, is the power to do things you never thought possible. This power becomes available once you have changed your way of thinking.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz


Some years ago I met a friend who changed my way of seeing what I could expect from life. This friend was filled with such determination that the ambitious goals he gave himself were met. He was no luckier than the average person. Yet, he got much more than what many older people did not even dare hope! And the more he worked, the less he seemed to make efforts.

This friend has become a business partner. What helped me most, working with him, is that I got caught up in the wake of his confidence and determination. He became my mentor and encouraged several important insights. In his company, I did things I thought were impossible. That’s when I understood why I had not worked more to improve my life so far. He did not convince me that all my dreams were possible: I convinced myself!

How many times do we decide not to try to achieve what we take to heart just because we believe that we cannot succeed? How often do we forget our dreams because we believe they are too ambitious without even trying?

Inspired by this friend, I realized that I could do exactly what I decided to do. If I think something is impossible, of course it is! My friend indirectly acted as a personal coach. A coach does nothing for us. He simply shows us the way to outdo ourselves. He tells us how to cross the barriers that we impose on our lives.

Today, I am no longer the same person. And since I now have the chance to play my turn this role of “coach” for others, I am happy because I know everything I earned by unlocking the resources that were locked in me. This article aims to convince you of a great truth:

You can practically achieve anything!

Undoubtedly you work a lot each day. But do you really get what you expect from your daily efforts? Don’t you feel that things slip through your fingers, that your life does not really produce any of the results that you want?

The era that we live in is absolutely exciting. The number of opportunities to improve our lives and take initiatives has never been greater! Channels through which we can achieve goals are many and varied in number. The amount of information, resources, and knowledge available is almost infinite, and life expectancy has never been so long.

All this is fine. But do you really enjoy all these possibilities? You may earn more money than your parents did, but is it enough for you to achieve? Do you feel that your quality of life is really high? If you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and have no time for yourself, it is likely that your well-being takes a toll: and that, precisely, is priceless! If you work harder than before but you get less satisfaction from life, it is time to do something.