You may already know the importance of writing lists to identify your goals. But this is not where taking notes stops. Every day you come into contact with opportunities and information that can improve your life. Do not take these opportunities lightly. How many great ideas are lost and how many fruitful contacts have been severed due to an oversight, or simply because we didn’t take the time to write them down?

Record Your Daily Activities

Think of all the stress you have in one day. If you do not take time to note the most important of them, you will definitely forget some of them. Many people postpone to tomorrow the things they have to do simply because they lose sight of all their activities. This is why a list of things to do can help you – the famous “to do list”.

The fact is, to note what you have to do is to remind you to do it at the right time. This is also what is called an agenda. If you have no agenda, I suggest you get one without delay! And with pages large enough to note several things (if you want to achieve all your goals, at least!).

Record Your Brilliant Ideas!

Empires have been created on the basis of a good idea. I now have an impressive amount of content with which I write my articles, design my lectures, and plan my training programs, just because I bothered to write down my ideas when I had them. People often mistakenly believe they will remember their ideas if they think back to them later.

Unfortunately, ideas are often related to a context. We have ideas when we talk with others, when we walk, and even when we take a shower. And if we do not take note of them, it is likely that we won’t remember it when we need it. Here’s a good thing I found. I bought a small voice recorder that lets me take notes verbally when the context does not allow me to write, like when I’m in the shower, or when I’m jumping out of airplanes. Just kidding!

Create Events and Be Sure to Follow Up

Do you complain that you do not see enough people that you enjoy? Take notes and create events! People are often content to be reactive in their interpersonal relationships. They go to work for colleagues because they see them every day. They do not make the effort to call them. Do you want to see someone you love? Note that you want to call them in your diary, otherwise you may forget!

When you begin to take new initiatives to achieve things yourself, you need to call people and meet them. You will need to collaborate and do follow-ups on your projects. I’m always surprised how many people talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. This is the reality of being human and also business. Sometimes you have to contact someone three times to get an answer. And their silence is not usually a lack of interest, but a lack of efficiency.

If you develop your organizational skills, you get noticed! Society is saturated with disorganization and a lack of efficiency. However, people who have succeeded – those who can help the most – have succeeded partly thanks to their sense of organization. This is what has enabled them to achieve results and to climb to the summit.

If you develop the same attitudes as those few of these people, they will notice you for sure, and will trust you more quickly. They know they can count on you. Thanks to these good habits, I earned a reputation for efficiency. People who work with me and who hire me know they can count on me. It makes all the difference, I assure you!

Note to Save Time

There are a host of activities that require a certain amount of information that you repeat often. Buying office supplies, traveling, moving house, preparing your tax returns, and so forth. If you note down in the beginning itself all that you need to perform these activities, you will not have to redo the list every time. Over time, you also enrich these lists. This will help ensure nothing is overlooked, and you will avoid unpleasant mistakes. You also save time because you have all the relevant information that you need, exactly when you need it.